ether flow
  1. cageman

    WTT: Ether Flow Open to Ether Flow Closed (Ether C)

    It would be a long shot, but if there's any one wants to trade Ether Flow C with my Ether Flow Open, let me know. Depending on a situation, I can add or receive cash. Thanks!
  2. Jin Choi

    Ether Flow Open 1.1 FS $1200

    3rd Owner Comes with all pads, cable, case, and box I put in about 30 hours of listening on it, not sure about the previous owner. Was upgraded from a normal Ether Flow. Shipping 50/50 Located in Los Angeles area if you want to just pick up. asking $1200
  3. Dan Lee

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Ether 2

    $1500 for one of the best planar headphones ever made. I preferred them to the LCD-4. Started this at $1650 for a new pair of E2's. However these gotta go. They are awesome cans but I no longer have an amp to run them and they are currently living in their original packaging and the gods...
  4. electrathecat

    FS: Ether Flow (Open) at rock-bottom price! SOLD!

    As a furloughed federal government worker, I have the need at this point to winnow my stable of excess equipment AND finally have the time to do so, so my loss is your gain. I take pretty anal-retentive care of my stuff, and I'll be selling a lot of it in the near future so be on the lookout...
  5. Joel Vanderbaum

    ETHER Flow (Original version) Excellent Condition!

    Love these headphones but barely have any time to use them anymore. They have been kept in a smoke-free home and are as new as the day I bought them. $1250 via Paypal -Comes with their original DUM cable, a Norne Audio Draug V2 custom cable ($280 value), carrying case, original box, and...
  6. LifeOnMercury

    FS Mr Speakers Ether Flow 1.1 w/ Cardas Balanced Cable SOLD

    Condition : 8/10 with original packaging and accessories plus a cardas 4x24 balanced cable (made by Arctic Audio) Price: $950 shipped This pair of ether flow’s were upgraded from the original ether in January 2017. And two months ago they got the 1.1 upgrade which makes the soundstage wider and...
  7. crayons23

    Wire world nano eclipse for MR Speaker 4 pin xlr.

    Headphones are sold. Wire world nano eclipse (terminated for mr speaker) cable is still available. Will listen to reasonable best offer. USA only
  8. Jin Choi

    Looking for a nice tube amp to pair with my new Ether Flows...

    I've been looking at the Pathos Aurium and Woo Audio wa7 as potential buys, but I can't decide which to buy. I would love some input from some experienced listeners. I have listened to the Ether Flows on the Pathos Aurium a few months ago in a department store in Gangnam Korea back before I...
  9. me2621a

    FS Mr. Speakers Ether Flow

  10. Gnomeplay


    Hi, I'm looking to sell or trade my Ether Flow. The condition is nearly mint, and the original angled pads have seen very little use. The e-stat pads are in 7/10 condition. There aren't any notable scratches or scuffs, and I've babied them. I'm interested in trades within a similar price range...
  11. noper

    [SOLD] FS: Mr. Speakers Ether Flow Open

    For sale are my Mr. Speakers Ether Flow Open headphones. I originally bought these from MattTCG here on Head-Fi. These have been maintained very well and are in pristine condition. I am selling these as I needed to move to IEMs and don’t have many opportunities to listen to these anymore...
  12. Faucet_Evangelist

    LCD3 vs Ether Flow

    I am shopping for my next headphone upgrade and wanted to get some opinions before the NYC CanJam. I have owned Fostex TH-X00 and HiFiMAN HE560 in the past and am looking to upgrade to something higher-end. I will be driving them with a Jotunheim w/ phono, which I know probably could use an...
  13. me2621a

    MrSpeaker Ether Flow or VOCE

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted but I am getting ready for a headphone/equipment upgrade and I wanted to get some thoughts about the two options I am considering and see if you guys can help guide my decision making process. What I currently have: Emotiva XDA-2 -> Little...
  14. Luxifer

    Ether Flow (For Sale or Trade for Aeon Closed)

    Mr Speaker Ether Flow: I have the original box, carry case, certificate of authenticity, and XLR DUM cable. headphones are in excellent condition, with minimal pad wear. $1,165 shipped, buyer covers fees. TRADED. Thread Closed I will ship internationally to buyers with good feedback, but...
  15. OrangeTimer

    Headband replacement for Hifiman HE 500 and HE 400

    Hi all, I've finally gotten into the mood to replace the original, and rusting HE 500 and HE 400 headbands on my headphones. Now, not wanting to replacement with the same terrible headbands that came with the originals, could anyone recommend any alternative headbands that could work? I'm ready...

    Mr Speakers Ether Flow (price reduced to rock bottom)

    $1300 usd FLAT. Everything including the retail box is included. less than 3 months old. no additional fees paypal only free shipping Ether flow on sale. very good condition. dum cable everything included with box. 1 year warranty included
  17. John Aiello

    SOLD: MrSpeakers Ether Flow Headphones

    SOLD --- This is a like new pair of MrSpeakers Ether Flow headphones with the DUM Dual-Entry Cable 4-Pin XLR 10Ft. I purchased these new on May 29th of 2017 so they are a little over 3 months old. These are new Ether Flow headphones and not an Ether 1.1 upgrade. The original box and...
  18. deafmonkey

    Dac/Amp recommendations for Ether Flow

    I just bought a Ether Flow and need a better amp. Currently using like a 5 year old E09k/E07k that has a slight channel imbalance LOL. I'm in China so stuff from Mayflower and Schiit are hard to find. I'm not too familiar with dacs/amps but I would prefer a setup with just 1 unit (dac/amp combo)...
  19. John Aiello

    Schiit Jotenheim and mrSpeakers Ether Flow

    I have been in and out of the headphone thing for about two years. I get in and then lose interest and sell everything and move on. Then I buy all new stuff get excited and then sell it and start all over. This latest iteration is the Schiit Jotenheim and MrSpeakers Ether Flow. What a great...