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Head-Fi Interface upgrades seem to have created a small issue

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by aimlink, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. aimlink Contributor
    I noted for the first time today that there are drop down menus for filtering threads and also looking up forums.  There are also new buttons for starting new threads and replying.
    Just today I noticed that when reading a thread, the posts take up a part of the window on the left with links etc. occupying a column to the right only down to the last 2-3 posts for that page.  The last few posts go right across the screen.  This didn't happen before.
    I'm using Google Chrome on a Mac. 
  2. Currawong Contributor
    The interface upgrades seem to have created a couple of bugs too. Above is one.  They must have changed the page layout, causing the posts to expand into the right column if there is nothing there.  It certainly looks odd, but the sharper appearance of buttons and the like looks good, though I'm not so in favor of trying to make the forums look like the very ugly VBulletin 3 forums.  
  3. stevenswall
    Posting from FireFox on a PC... clicking submit doesn't seem to work!
  4. stevenswall
    Editing the former post... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesen't.
  5. krmathis Contributor
    A step in the right direction maybe? Totally getting rid of the quick links on the right side, and let the entire forum extend all out.
    Just like I enjoyed it in the previous forum..
  6. aimlink Contributor
    Actually, I didn't like when it extended all the way out.  That's why I brought up this current 'bug'. [​IMG]

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