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He500s finally arrived, Burn in question?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blaalad12, Jun 10, 2013.
  1. Blaalad12
    Hey guys, My he500s finally arrived today, Given that i have come from the hd598s i was expecting a pretty big difference in sound quality... however, while the sound is pretty good, iam not blown away, In fact i couldnt even decide if there was much difference at all so here is my question ...
    Given that these have yet to be burned in, will the burn in process make much difference? Are these likely to improve much more? All i was worried about all along was wether the comfort of these would be an issue and now that i have them and comfort is not bad actually although obviously not as comfortable as the hd598s but suddenly iam worried the sound difference isnt that significant to justify the fact these cost almost 3 times the price of the hd's 
  2. Limniscate
    What amp/DAC are you running them on?
  3. Blaalad12
    Aune t1
  4. Blaalad12
    To be honest, the more i listen the more iam like hmmm these sound good but i still standby what i said initially , i dont feel YET that they are 3 times better then the hd598s given i paid 3 ties as much but iam assuming they will get even better with burn in?? The sound is good, dont get me wrong but i was expecting a little more 'wow' factor considering the hd598s are the best headphones that i have owned so surely these should be a big leap forward, time will tell i hope :) 
    I would just like to know if others found much difference is quality out of the box compared to 100 or so hours later? 
  5. Blaalad12
    Can anyone recommend some good/comfortable velour pads also or is there no point ? Iam using the ones that came, i swapped out the pleather pads straight away (5mins on and my ears were beginning to sweat) are there better velour pads out there then the ones that come shipped with the he500s? 
  6. Limniscate
    I don't think there's very much of a burn-in improvement for the HE500.  
  7. Blaalad12
    Ah really? Thats a shame cause they do sound pretty good but they aint miles better then the hd598s,i expected a bigger difference/margin in sound quality!!
    Is there any after market velour pads i can get that would cover my ears as oppose to rest on them like these ones do? they dont quiet cover them as i would like 
  8. TMRaven
    Dont expect 3x the improvement for 3x the price.  You will only get minor improvements and refinements in aspects of the sound, especially if it's anything of a similar sound signature.
    Usually when people speak of headphones that blow them away they talk of headphones that have completely different sound signatures to the ones they used before, and they really like the change in sound signature.
  9. Rem0o

    Let me present to you the law of diminishing return.
  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    It's a neutral headphone so nothing should be amazing, all parts of the frequency spectrum should be equally good.
  11. MetalHealth30
    It will improve over time. I usually grow to appreciate subtle differences after many hours, not a few minutes.
  12. Blaalad12
    To be honest, I can understand what you guys are saying,i didnt expect 3x better sound just because the price was 3x but i was expecting to be a little more 'wow' is he only way i can describe it!! 
    Can i expect much improvement after 100 or so hours of burn in? Ive read of one or two particular guys that owned these headphones and one specifically said he was skeptical of burn in until he owned these headphones and he felt the sound improved enough to be noticeable after burn in where as some folks dont seem to think it makes any difference at all and others just down right dont believe in burn in at all
  13. Blaalad12
    Anyone have an answer to my question regarding changing the pads by the way? :) 
  14. GREQ
    Have you tried bending out the headband (the part covered in leather) to reduce clamping force?
    This is actually suggested in the instructions that came with the headphone - this should help with discomfort problems.
  15. Blaalad12
    Yeah but iam not so sure its the clamping force, i would just like it if the velour pads were a little softer and covered the ears rather then rest on them , Is there better aftermarket pads i can try?

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