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HE-6 owners, what single mod. has brought the biggest improvement

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by happy camper, Apr 24, 2014.
  1. Happy Camper
    As asked, for those of you who have modified your HE-6, what one mod. has the biggest impact in sound quality? I have heard a new cable or hard wired but have not done it to mine. I have done the grill and felt mods and earpads.(still waiting to get Audeze Micro). I think the grill mod has had the biggest improvement from the stock pair. It really opens up the sound.

    Unless you hardwire your pair, all the other mods are reversible.
  2. punit
    +1. Removing the grills was the biggest improvement. I tried changing the pads to Lawton audio Denon pads , the highs were more extended but bass lost a little depth so went back to original.
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    Has anyone tried dynamat yet?

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