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hd650 = hd600 + more bass?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by runswithaliens, Oct 4, 2009.
  1. runswithaliens
    Hi, I hope somebody can help me decide between these two. I'm wondering if there are other differences between the Sennheiser hd600 and hd650 other than the elevated bass response of the hd650. Are the hd650's superior headphones in some way, or is it mostly just a matter of whether you want the increased bass? It looks like from the Headroom graph below that the hd600s also have a bump in the highs. Are the hd600s bright sounding? Also, what is the perceived sonic benefit of using the hd650 cable for the hd600s?

    I'm looking for headphones with great tone, texture and midrange, while the highs would preferably not be up front and can be slightly rolled off; and the bass should be there, but without intruding on the rest of the music. Which of the two would more closely fit that description? I listen to a wide variety of mostly mellow music these days and will be temporarily powering them with an E-MU 0404usb until I build an amp. Thanks in advance.

  2. Gbjerke
    They both fit, the 650 is warmer, darker and then more bassier. They are harder to amplify, so if you aren't keane on buying an expensive amp, I'd go witht he Hd 600 and the EF-1
  3. csommers
    HD600 are a little more forward, they aren't SUPER bright, but they are for sure forward of the normal Sennheiser sound, although not as far forward as the 595s are.
  4. Genelex

    hd650 = hd600 + more bass?

    you could say that. but have in mind that in cans where bass is lighter, mids are a little upfront than one with heavier bass.
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    No, the HD-650 is darker than the HD-600. It's not just the bass, it's like looking through a clear window and a window that has been tinted, oh, I'd say about 15% dark. The HD-650 is a little smoother and groovier than the HD-600, too.

    When I owned both, I went back and forth on which I preferred. They're both good. Right now, if I were to buy another one, I'd go with the HD-600.
  6. Genelex
    yes, hd650 is a little smoother and groovier. that's why i like it but still it is bassier!
    they're both good though then it all boils down to preference
  7. Neuromantic
    So would it be safe to say that something like the crack of a snare drum would sound a bit more muffled, if different at all, on the HD650 vs the HD600? Boy oh boy, that is one unforgiving instrument.
  8. Acix
    Try the Pro-900, or the GMP-435S.
  9. fdhfdy
    hd 800s are the one I like most. Too expensive though

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