HD600 or HD650 or HD700?

  1. Hunched
    HD800(s) are out of my range at $1000+
    I'm new to this stuff, but I plan on using the new Sennheiser GSX 1000/1200 DAC/Amps for PC gaming and media.
    Now these claim to only drive up to 150Ω, the HD600/HD650 require 300Ω but the HD700 only needs 150Ω.
    So I think I'm forced into using the HD700? I don't know what my options are, what possible DAC & Amp combos I can have or if I'm limited by the 150Ω GSX.
    Thanks in advance for any help! [​IMG]
    Also If I'm getting the HD700's I need to know where to get them for a fair price.
    They're $428 on B&H in the US who is an Authorized Dealer, but they don't ship to Canada.
    The HD700's are $1200+ everywhere in Canada, $428 USD converts to $568 CAD.
    As a Canadian I'm used to getting shafted by every tech company, but this discrepancy is a little bit much...
  2. Me x3
    HD700 has better soundstage than HD600/HD650
    AKG K702/AKG K712 has better soundstage than HD600/HD650 as well
    HD6x0 are very pleasing as all rounders for music but not the greatest gaming headphones.
    The 150Ω number means very little indeed, it would be much more useful to know how much voltage the GSX can provide, but I can't find proper specs on the Sennheiser web page.
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  3. Hunched
    I'm not sure if this helps [​IMG]
  4. Guidostrunk
    The soundstage on the 700's , easily out preforms the 600&650. And imo , has way better bass and impact response compared to the K701. Some say the 700's have a treble spike. I've owned them 3 different times , and have never had a complaint about the treble.

    If you are vigilant, you can easily find a pair of 800's , pop up on the for sale forums here for under $800. I recently saw a pair of 800's for $700.

    Me personally, I preferred the 700's over the 800's. YMMV

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  5. Rhenoware
    They certainly have a treble spike which is unbearable for many.
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  6. Me x3
    It helps...
    1 Vrms is quite low indeed.
    For these headphones (HD6x0/HD700/HD800/K7-series) it would be better to use a headphone amplifier between the GSX and the headphone.
    If you want a headphone that can work well with the GSX you might consider HD598/HD599/AD900X/AD1000X/AD2000X/SRH1440/HP200

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  7. Hunched
    Oh... [​IMG] 
    Do you have amp suggestions? I wish I knew more about this stuff. 
    I don't know what's good or how to tell with amps and dacs, or if issues like latency or degradation happen as I add more things to the chain. 
    I'm not smart enough to be an audiophile, but I do want the best, without spending thousands.
    I have a Sennheiser PC360 Headset but it's on its way out, and I want something that feels like an upgrade not a replacement.
    I believe the PC360/G4ME ONE use the same drivers as the HD598's, that's what I've seen around here.
    It's unfortunate to hear that the HD6x0's don't have the greatest soundstage, and that the HD700 has treble spikes.
    Open back & huge soundstage, neutral/reference is what I'm looking for. 
    As you recommended the K7 series I'll look into those.
    I believe I could spend forever researching and still not feel educated enough to make a decision, it's daunting how much information there is to learn with audio.
  8. Me x3

    Well yes, it's an endless trip.
    I think the AKG K712 fit your preferences the best.
    While it's only 62 Ohm it's harder to drive than the Sennheiser HD650, so keep that in mind.
    If you want the best sound quality then just skip the GSX and invest in quality DAC and Amplifier.
    If you really want Virtual Surround then GSX can do that for you, but it's quite a steep price for that.
    AKG K712 works very well with the Schiit Audio Asgard 2
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  9. Hunched
    Yes, I plan on using the GSX for its Virtual Surround. If it fails to deliver with its implementation, I'll have to get something from Creative with SBX.
    Would a Magni 2 work well with the K712's? 
    Since the GSX outputs 3.5mm for headphones, I'd need this type of cable to properly hook it up with amps right?
    Also, I cannot find anywhere in Canada where the K712's or Schiit Magni can be purchased for reasonable prices.
    Actually cannot find the Magni anywhere, and the K712's are $730 ($550 USD) when they're down at $300 in the US.
    This is actually insanely dumb.
    Importing is grossly expensive too but still cheaper overall.
    This sucks so much 
  10. Me x3
    It's even worse here in Argentina
    ; )
    Well, maybe you can get a FiiO K5, it's similar to the Magni 2 Uber in terms of features and power and it works well with the K712.
    You'll need that cable.
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  11. Hunched
    At least Argentina has the excuse of being far away from the US.
    The majority of Canada's population is within 100 miles (160km) of the US border, they don't need to ship things around the world or overseas.
    We're as close to the US as you can get, so I don't understand why distribution and shipping is so abysmal.
  12. geomaster337
    I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I have a pretty pressing question that I've done a lot of research on, but never found a solid answer. I have a GSX1000, and I am looking at getting HD6XXs, I have also purchased a Darkvoice 336SE amp. If I got a 3.5mm to RCA cable, could I plug straight from the GSX1000 headphone out port into the Darkvoice input, then plug the HD6XXs into that so that I have the simulated 7.1 surround but amplified to accommodate the HD6XXs, would that work?
  13. cossix
    The 700 sounded terrible to me out of my Jotunheim. It sounded like a hollow tin can with no emotion. Amazing soundstage though. For gaming, it destroys the 600 and 650 in terms of soundstage. It will give you the best advantage in competitive games.

    I think they are a very picky headphone and you should definitely try one with your amp before committing to a purchase, or at least be sure you can return it if need be. It sounds amazing (apparently) on some amps, and awful on others (mine)
  14. geomaster337
    Could you answer my question on the GSX1000 + amp since you're active on this thread?
  15. Me x3
    Yes, sure.

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