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HD598 vs DT990 for FiiO X1

  1. kykeon
    Hello and many thanks for the forum posts!
    I've been reading some time and I have received good help.
    Now it's time to say hi and ask one question.
    I would like to buy a set of open over the ears headphones to be used with Fiio X1 without amp
    I'm currently using it with shure se215,
    quite wide music range from classical to rock & metal (but also idm and others...)
    The 2 candidates are DT990 32ohm and the HD598.
    Sound leak is no problem at all, my main concern is how good can the x1 drive them.
    (I tried the HD598 and I was not very impressed but the conditions in the shop were not ideal)
    unfortunatelly AD900X or AD700X are not available here, and AKG K701/2 seem even more demanding on the drive and a price class higher here.
    Any idea or comment is welcome!
  2. billybob_jcv
    When you say you were "not very impressed" - what does that mean? What aspect of the HD598 did not meet your expectations?
  3. kykeon
    I find it a bit hard to put it in the right words as I'm not very familiar with the audiophile glossary yet... please help!
    The best way to describe it is that even in 75/100 volume, which was loud enough, the sound was having the same quality like when it is quite low. (is there a word for it?)
    Not sure if this is just my impression or not, as I said the conditions were not ideal, or it is just that X1 and HD598 do not match that good.
    Another thing which I don't like in HD598 is that the jack is big and in combination with the adapter it has almost the same length as the X1. (on the other had they look awesome...)
  4. kykeon
    Anybody tried DT990 32Ohm with FiiO X1?
    I have hope that it will be a good combination, unfortunately I can find only online shops with DT990 and I do not have a chance to test it….
    On the contrary it seems to me that HD598 was not designed for such a source,
    Not only the audio result but even the default jack is the big one and if you use the adapter to bring it down to the size most portables have, the whole jack-adapter combination is longer than the FiiO X1
    It’s a pity because they are readily available and they have good reviews (with other audio sources)…
  5. ph03nixh0
    I have the X1 along with the hd598, I think the combination is great! And as you said how the quality remained the same even when the volume was different - i'd have to disagree with you there. I've paired the ad900x with the X1 and it was powered without any trouble; these cans are quite sensitive, so it can actually get pretty loud if raised to around 75 volume.

    Instead of the k702, I've tried the q701 with my X1 as they're similar to the k702; I didn't think that an amp would be needed, I was actually quite impressed at how well the X1 powered it.

    Other than that, (and the annoying long Jack that I'm also dealing with) the hd598s sounds decent with the X1 IMO.
  6. grampus
    I haven't used X1. But I have two DT990. In my opinion, DT990 is hard to drive well. Even it is only 32 Ohm. To drive it ideally, it is better to use an amp.

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