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Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

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  1. dhmcclain1
    @Midgetguy.  I agree that it is often difficult to tell the difference between a regular old mp3 and a higher bitrate song. Always kinda put it down to age and a loud workplace. But, hey, maybe I'm not as old or as deaf as I thought! Woo-Hoo! [​IMG] 
    Seriously, while I enjoy hearing parts in songs that I hadn't heard before, it truly is more about the music and how it makes me feel.
  2. dhmcclain1

    My experience so far has neither been otherworldly or painful. So far I love them. Have listened thru my iPod classic both amped and unamped  and they sound very smooth and enjoyable.
    Have yet to try them with my Colorfly C3 or XDuoo X2. Just haven't found the time. Life just continues to interrupt my listening pleasure. [​IMG]  So far I have less than 10 hrs on the B3s, but they sound darned good to me!
  3. WyFi

    No idea how as I store them in the pouch when not in my ears. I have been incredibly careful with these.
  4. Zukubi
    if you push havi very very hard for good placement there can be a little crack. and getting bigger when you push same place.
  5. RedTwilight
    I recently discovered something that might help.. 
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  6. Midgetguy
    I wouldn't say I'm old by any scale other than a caveman scale, but I'd say hearing can vary by day. It's about what your mind's like combined with how your body's feeling on any particular day.
    From what I've read about people and this issue, it seems to be the screw there is overtightened just a tiny bit. Not enough to see immediate issues, but tight enough to put pressure on the spot over time until you end up with that crack regardless of your treatment.
  7. starcraft2
    I think that today I achieved audio nirvana.

    Setup was:
    Streaming app
    C&C BH2
    HAVI B3

    MY GOD. I have lots of iems and gear but this was really good...
  8. Ruben123
    Guys I bought my Havi end 2013, does that one too get cracks at a point or only newer ones? And if so, does it help to unscrew the screw a little? And which screw then lol
  9. Midgetguy
    I think it's all of them.
  10. Ruben123
    OK so.... It seems unscrewing the screws isn't that easy with the potential to **** the gorilla glass. Is the sound affected by the crack or is it pure aesthetically?
  11. fredhubbard2

    Don't think it affects the sound, just run some superglue along the crack to stop it getting worse
  12. B9Scrambler
    I'm sure it's mostly aesthetic. The drivers are in their own separate rubber enclosure inside the outer housing. The housing on my pair split fully in two. Prior to that happening it sounded just fine. Glued it back together and was good to go [​IMG]
  13. Ruben123
    Nice, guys. Then I'm not going to break mine apart to find a certain screw :)
  14. dhmcclain1
    Have been doing quite a bit of time with my Havis. Listened to them with each of my players. Sounded ok with my C3 and not so great with my XDuoo X2. I will say they showed (with the C3) that my C&C BK amp may need to be replaced.  I decided to give the Havis a shot with my home stereo. Uh, WOW. All the greatness came out. Soundstage, instrument separation and placement. Clarity. Clarity. Clarity. [​IMG] This was pure bliss. Now, I have absolutely no experience with high end and/or high dollar earphones or full size headphones, so I cannot say these are truly great iems. But, compared to the other iems I own and have heard through the same equipment, these are miles ahead of the others. Will be plugging them into the home rig again tonight, and grinning from from ear to ear.
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  15. w3nj13
    Any kind souls in Singapore who is willing to lend me to demo nx1 or c5? I would want to listen to the differences. We could meet up and share our stories!
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