Harmon Kardon 254 vs odac/bottlehead crack
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May 9, 2013
Hi all. Ive just been getting into the audiophile world and I started out with an asus xonar dg(mistake) and Dt990 250's.  Now I just brought my harmon kardon 254 receiver down and Im using optical out to that as dac and amp.  Wow what a difference haha.
Now Im looking into upgrading to the odac/bottlehead crack combo(cant leave my stereo's reciever here forever haha) and Im trying to see how much of an improvement this move is gonna give me over the harmon kardon.  I really noticed the difference from the dg to the h/k, will it be a similar boost in performance to the odac/crack combo?
And just for reference I listen to mostly 70's rock/dubstep and techno/gaming.

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