Hardened Cables
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Oct 30, 2008
My iem cables are starting to get stiff around the area where i wear them over the ear, i think i can keep them from getting any stiffer if i clean them after every use. But, is there any way to reverse the damage besides replacing the cable?
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I know some people use Armor All on the cable, not sure how that works out though.
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ER6i's cable harden with time as well.
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Do not use Armor All. I used to be in the car care chemical business and that is some of the worst stuff you can use. It actually accelerates the breakdown, not slow it down, but is looks purty. The only product I would use on vinyl and plastic is from One Grand. They have Do-It-All that is a formulation that works. I know this from experience and knowledge in the industry. No one else makes products like them.
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PFE seems pretty easy to recable (assuming it is the IEM we are talking here). I think switching it to Westone cable will be much better than trying to soften the old cable.

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