Hardcore - Crust, Powerviolence, Grind, Anarcho etc. all welcome
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Sep 10, 2009
Did a quick search on previous hardcore threads and they were horrible (with the exception of one or two posts). Was wondering if there were any fans in here. I've been blasting a lot of Capitalist Casualties and Dropdead lately.
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I haven't been listening to much lately, but I really like:
Trap Them
Cult Ritual
Sabertooth Zombie
Gridlink/Discordance Axis

I'm sure you've probably heard a lot of those already... Capitalist Casualties is pretty great and most of the grind I know is local stuff.
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pg 99, creation is crucifixion, dystopia....
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Fugazi and Shellac are old favourites that I still listen to frequently. Converge and Dillinger of the newer breed, and The Locust.

Still got some early Rollins Band, and some old Aussie stuff like Budd, Paintstripper and Ricaine, but don't listen to them so much any more. How about Treponem Pal; remember them?

The Young Gods are a perennial favourite, their early stuff was kind of hardcore industrial, especially their first album. I drag out some early Helmet once in a while, as well as Prong and Corrosion of Conformity.

You can probably tell there's a big hole in my collection. I lost track of harder music from the mid nineties for about ten years. These threads are great for finding out about unheard stuff.
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Awesome. I'm a sucker for this stuff. So angry and stress relieving.

Been jamming:
Iron Lung
Hatred Surge
Population Reduction
Crossed out
And the legends Man is the person.
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Dug through my library and found some more gems:
Only Living Witness
(early) Neurosis
Engineer (who are more on the sludge side of things)
Punch (like Ceremony with a female vocalist)

And then there's the staples (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Refused) and my guilty pleasures (Have Heart, Verse, Modern Life is War) but this thread seems more geared towards the heavy obscure side of the genre
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Originally Posted by Sabrage /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Rorschach was great. The guitarist went on to form Deadguy (props dspang's avatar) which is another awesome band. If you've never heard Deadguy, go out and get 'Fixation on a Co-Worker'.

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