Gustard X20pro DAC (ES9028Pro)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 2, 2016.
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  1. Mapleflurry
    Some translations from chinese forum:
    the introduction of x20pro
    Gustard is the first batch of company which is developed and applicated the ess serise with XMOS. In 2012 released the ES9018-based high-performance DAC X10, 2014 released DAC-X12, 2015 released ES9018 chip DAC-X20 and other products are welcomed by the majority of enthusiasts. But the we does not stop there.Continued to research the ESS chip , and continued to communicate with the official ESS. Recent ESS released the dac chip for the ES9018 upgrade, SIGNAL-NOISE RATIO up to 129dB, the distortion rate of -120dB compared to the widely used ES9018K2M (signal to noise ratio of 127dB, distortion-120dB) have a greater progress. We also released the the X20  upgraded version - X20pro. X20pro with two ES9028PRO dac chip-based, with matrix matrix power supply circuit and Digital and analog part use of adaptive master clock technology,and in the analog part applicate Class A discrete lines which has been developed for many years and could playback audio perfectly make bass both the texture and texture.mid natural and accurate. treble transparent and elegant, and has a great sound stage and excellent resolve. X20pro whether it is function,performance, or sound than the previous generation x20 has a lot of upgrading.
  2. Mapleflurry
    some pics
  3. fumoffuXx
    Curious, would a Wyrd or U12 benefit this DAC? or is it not required?
  4. sonicjr623
    I listened the X20pro last week, 9028pro with bypassing ASRC sounds REALLY nice!
    But one point I must mention is the no ASRC mode require a very good USB interface or CDT, the clock jitter aka phase noise extremely matters the sound quality.
  5. wwmhf
    Which DAC, X20 or X20 pro? For X20, I do not feel much benefit from U12 if any. My X20 sounds quite similar with or without U12 in between the X20 and the computer.
  6. divinearun
    need help on the x20 pro unit. received Brand new yesterday from Shenzen audio. the unit is NOT switching ON. It is DEAD! Shenzen not replying to my emails.
    No manual in the box, no battery with remote.
    pls advise what to do? what is the model no of the battery?
    i paid heavy import please.
  7. asaifa

    Hi, No reason to panic. Shenzen will reply to your email. I got the A20H last week and Susie wrote back after a day or so. There is no battery in the remote, because that is not allowed in the shipping. They cost a few $ on Amazon. Shenzen is a huge company and they will resolve the issue with the X20pro, which may simply be DOA, so that you need a new one.
  8. markk02474
    My x20u Pro came today (Sunday!) via DHL. My usual practice is to look inside before even plugging gear in. Indeed, dual ES9028pro chips are inside. These are pin compatible with the 9018, so easy on manufacturers to adopt. ES9038 probably needs much more work and board respin. Still breaking in.
    The manual and drivers are on the aluminum bodied USB thumb drive. Shipping of lithium batteries is not allowed by air carriers. CR2032 battery cost me $1.19.
  9. Ric Schultz
    By the way, the thumb drive that comes with the new Gustard Pro has not only the usb driver but also has the manual in English and Chinese and even 4 test audio samples.  Just plug it in to your computer and download.
  10. wwmhf

    It sounds like you have the Gustard X20 pro. What is your impression?

    Inspired by your work/suggestions, I had a lot of fun to mod Toshiba SD-3960 which I and my wife are still enjoying it from our dinning room sound system.
  11. Ric Schultz

    Have not listened yet.  In fact, until 30 minutes ago I thought it was defective.  I was packing it back up and saw that the power cord was for overseas.  So, I looked on the side of the box and there was no checking of the 120 or 220V boxes so I removed the plastic cover and looked at the switch on the back.....and, of course, it was set to 240V.  So, now that it is set to 120V it works fine.  I guess they were shipping them so fast they never checked.  So, I now start the burn in process.  I should have some good info in about a week after I have burned in, listened and then do level one mod so I can tell everyone how it sounds versus the last version.  I expect it to be slightly better.
    divinearun should check the voltage switch on the back too.  If it is set to 120 and you feed it 240 you could have fried it.  Check your fuse, as well.
  12. divinearun
    the dac was set at 220v. i hv checked the fuse and its fine.i dont know how shanzen and Gustard are thinking to compensate me. i am very very tense and upset.
    will keep you all posted.
  13. gospel1999
    There has any sound inside your machine when you turn on the switch? Like the relays.
  14. gospel1999
    There has any sound inside your machine when you turn on the switch? Like the relays.
  15. Arun Dadlani
    Sorry, there NO sound at clicks etc is NOT switching ON....
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