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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. Wynnytsky
    www.ShenzhenAudio.com is all in English.  That's the city where everything is born (at least according to my prior shipping labels)
    Foxconn is there.  Yulong and Grant Fidelity have a warehouse there, and probably a factory they share.
  2. johnzz4
    That's probably how I'll end up ordering it as soon as I hear back from the current seller.
  3. johnzz4
    So here's the reply I got from axing0606.  I DO think this was an honest mistake - just a pain!

    hello friend really sorry for this , i found this problem yesterday night ,and want to tell you today , now say more is not effect , it is our workers Confused the packages , sorry again , now we can pay you the ship back fees by paypal , trouble you help me ship the X12 back to me , ship by post office ,or the Import tax is very very expensive, i sent you the X20U today , the ship address is as following , trouble remember fit my telephone , and ship by post office, thank you very much , Please forgive me  !
    And the waiting continues...
  4. Wynnytsky
    well imagine how happy the other guy is who ordered an X12 and got your X20U
    It's still impressive that he put an X20U in the mail w/o hesitation
    I love how google translate is bridging the language gap in commerce.  Ordinarily you'd have an import/export agent taking profits from both sides.  And then you have google maps leading buyers to shops well outside of expensive business districts.  It's all about getting the money from the buyer to the builder while avoiding as many parasites as possible.
  5. stuartmc
    It looks like he is owning it and trying to make it right. I guess as us English speakers say, "schit happens." The waiting a second time is going to be worse than the first.
  6. johnzz4

    You should have seen the message I wrote.. [​IMG]  It was tastefully written but certainly detailed the potential recourse.  I won't hesitate to give him positive feedback and share the positive outcome if all goes smoothly from here.  Mistakes happen - this one just sucked.
  7. Wynnytsky

    well judging from his English he was he was still clearly shaken by that which you implied
    Well whatever you did it sounds like you fared better than this guy did with his Melodious!
  8. adamgdansk
    Any one can ad vice on how different/worse/better X20 may be versus LKS Audio MH-DA003 dac? I have a chance to buy second hand one localy and it would be even cheaper (and quicker) then orderów x20. But what about sonics and sound? Any comments?
  9. johnzz4
    That's awful..  I'll worry about tech issues once I actually receive it :wink:  The gamble of saving money by shopping in China.  Thankfully I had a good experience acquiring the H10 from Pollychen.  I wish he was one of the X20 sellers on ebay.
  10. Wynnytsky
    I'm having fun with it, as long as there are others to commiserate with online when something goes wrong.
    Living in merica so long I have an aversion (a full-pass filter if you will) to advertising.  It's the personal accounts on sites like head-fi that matter.  The internet has made the FREE word-of-mouth advertising model stronger then ever, and it's a win/win situation for both consumer and producer.  Producer focus' his entire budget on top quality parts (ebay/paypal fees, etc) and us consumers will advertise for him.
  11. stuartmc

    I wish I could help you out, but unfortunately I have not auditioned the LKS dac.
  12. stuartmc

    There is definitely a new business model that has been birthed by the internet. We audiophiles have always been a talkative bunch, but now are coffee clutch has gone global. It's a beautiful thing. Music is our universal language and our passionate pursuit of its purist expression, bonds us in extraordinary ways. I have had nothing but good experiences with our Chinese audiophile brothers. They are every bit as passionate about this stuff as we are and those that participate in the marketplace have for the most part been quite honorable. My dealings with the people at Gustard has been a fine example of this.
  13. GioF71
    Nice thread stuartmc!
    I will be eagerly reading new post and the impressions!
    That said, I am waiting for a balanced amp and new headphones more than for a new dac as I am very happy with the x12 now.
  14. Wynnytsky
    Forexman said Gustard is sending him 85 X20s tomorrow afternoon.  So I should have a tracking number this week.
    In a week or two this forum is gonna get chatty, and I'm going to be taking a sick day for the first time in over 2 years.
  15. reiserFS
    The X20 really sounds promising. Now if there only was a matching amp...
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