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Discussion in 'Music' started by Fox2twenty, Sep 5, 2017.
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  1. RodRevenge
    Guthrie Govan is where is at, not on the 70-90s range but he is out of this world, try his sólo album Erotic Cakes. Song recomended Wonderful Slippery Thing

    You should also check black sabbath's self-titled great album with lots of blues influence, its actually a blues album with metal tuned guitars, the only downside would be Ozzy's voice, as it is an acquired taste. The warning has a great solo check that out.
  2. Monsterzero
    Gary Moore
    George Thorogood
    Zakk Wylde
    Robin Trower
    Frank Marino
    Roy Buchanon

    Thats should keep you busy.
  3. Redcarmoose
    Another great story from Iommi as his friend kept playing a record for Tony to hear, to try and get him to pick-up the guitar again after his injury.

    "My friend said, "Listen to this guy play", and I went, "No way! Listening to someone play the guitar is the very last thing I want to do right now!" But he kept insisting and he ended up playing the record for me. I told him I thought it was really good and then he said, "You know, the guy's only playing with two fingers on his fretboard hand because of an injury he sustained in a terrible fire." I was totally knocked back by this revelation and was so impressed by what I had just heard that I suddenly became inspired to start trying to play again."

    I was listening to “Master Of Reality” today thinking how Iommi’s chopped-off finger tip covers almost add a percussionist effect when they slide around on the guitar neck. The only reason Sabbath got that guitar sound was an industrial accident where Tony lost a finger tip. It was his last day on the job before he was to imbark on a professional musical career! He had to put melted plastic on his finger tip to play guitar and had to down tune the guitar to play it. Interesting too, the Sabbath band was home listening to jazz records every night as their inspirational joy. It’s hard to notice at first but Black Sabbath one has a ton of jazz influence in how the songs move ahead, as well as the purely jazz drumming by Bill Ward.

    Black Sabbath one is one of my favourite albums of all time. I had about $10 and was looking for Paranoid in 1976 at a local record store but the only Sabbath they had was the Vertigo pressing of #1. Later the US pressing would leave out the song Evil Woman due to copyright stuff. I maybe have 20 different vertions of that album. Sold the scratched up Vertigo but have the limited Castle remaster on vinyl. The Castle remasters have the original song order and content like I’m used to.

    It was due to Vertigo putting a giant upside down cross in the gatefold of
    #1 which made people think Sabbath were satanic, when in fact if you listen to most of their lyrics they are Christian! But the gatefold had this cross with a strange poem inside and resulted in Sabbath being looked at as a satanic band. The only way they could retaliate was to get giant Christian crosses to wear which they all did. And in the end ironically the normal Christian cross became the band’s symbol.

    On the song... “Warning” Ozzy sings.....”I was born without you baby”.....Which is not the song, it’s supposed to be “I was warned about you baby” .....

    I agree Ozzy takes a while to get used to listening to. Still once your used to him there is no singer like him. Other albums which rate very high for people new to Sabbath would be “Vol4”. Sabbath moved to California and recorded what is to many their apex. And while many regard Sabbath one as the first metal record, it really wasn’t a perfectly created sound for Sabbath till the next two records. So myself, I don’t regard Sabbath one as having the classic Sabbath sound. Though of course many consider it to be the first doom metal record.

    Probably “Paranoid” gets the most play time now (for me) as I simply love the riffs on that record. Paranoid gets points for having the greatest guitar sound as well as just an over all pace and feel which makes it special.
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