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Graphics card as sound source vs soundcard for Grado Sr60

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by cortez77, Apr 26, 2013.
  1. cortez77
    My current setup is: 
    Radeon hd6770 graphics card connected to PC Monitor(full hd LG) via hdmi cable. My Sr60 are connected to PC Monitor. 
    Spec. of video card:
    Integrated HD audio controller
    Output protected high bit rate 7.1 channel surround sound over HDMI or DisplayPort with no additional cables required
    Supports AC-3, AAC, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats
    I was thinking about upgrade for my headphones, but i have no idea if buying for example Audiotrak Prodigy Cube Soundcard will be any improvement over current setup i have.
  2. andrewberge
    So really, your monitor is your audio source. It has a built-in DAC and amp.
    I can't help with your question, but others will no doubt want to know your monitor's model.
  3. cortez77
    Thnx for reply. Unfortunately i cannot find any info about quality of DAC inside monitors.
    Monitor's sound output sounds good but I wonder how good it actually is compared to a USB DAC?

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