Grado SR225s too bright...what next?
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Originally Posted by charonme /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have yet to encounter a recording that will sound too bright on my sr225

And yet the OP has. Maybe this difference could be explained in part by differences in associated equipment used, in part to your preference for the SR225 that the OP does not share, and in part to differences in the music the two of you listen to.
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Originally Posted by Yukon Trooper /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have both the SR225's and the D2000's. The SR225's are definitely sharper. The D2000's go just as high, but it is way more refined, and instead of a screech, it's more like a splash; although, I don't find the SR225's too, too bad. I think the SR225's would be really good with a source that trims some high end off, or a nice warm amp, but something that keeps the speed for rock.

This is a very useful comparison. Thank you. I've been considering the SR225 and D2000 for some time now. And now I've finally ruled out the SR225.
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Spent some quality time over the last couple of day with Sennheiser HD580s. If not the polar opposite of the SR225s then very damn close. I am very happy with these cans right now. Awesome detail; no harsh
. I miss the Grados on some tunes. The bass slam is not there, nor is that "wired" feeling with the the Senns. But I still clearly prefer them.

I will give the 580s more time for sure. I can see myself picking up some lower end Grados at some point, just so I can get that sound when I want it.
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Still very happy with the 580s. One point to add though, irt source. Up until last night all of my listening was done to FLAC files on my PC. Pulled up Pandora last night and I was not happy. Not sure if the 580s simply reveal the lower quality signal or if something else was going on, but highs were tinny, dynamics were lame - pretty much unlistenable for me. Not so on my speakers.
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I agree with Manaox. In addition, I find my D1001's highs a tad more apparent than either my 325is or 80s. This could be due to it's comparatively recessed mids, though, and it seems to be evening out (or my brain is evening out
) a tad with some break-in of the drivers.
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While the SR225 has a great sound signature, due to it's feeble housing I found the higher frequencies uncontrolled and grainy on some recordings. But for the price and overall sound quality I just lived with it. The RS-1's sound very much the same but more controlled across the whole frequency range (possibly due to the wood housing); the bass comes through a bit more while remaining clear, deep and natural.

You might want to consider modding your SR-225's with a wooden housing


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