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Grado SR 60i sound only comes out of one ear until I mess around with the jack for a while- can it be fixed or should I get a new pair?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wizeman, Nov 4, 2013.
  1. wizeman
    Like I said in the title, sometimes sound will only come out of one ear on my Grado SR 60is. This is not an issue with the devices that I'm using- I've used many different devices with them (various ipods, computers, I don't have an amp yet) and you always have to do various things to get it to come out of both ears- including tilting the device, turning the jack inside the device, etc. If I have to be, I can be more specific.
    But the main point is that this is a pretty big inconvenience to me, and I've been looking into getting a different pair of headphones because of it. But after making different posts elsewhere, I've discovered that Grados are very easy to fix and mod. But not being very tech savvy, I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it.
    So overall- should I repair the headphones (and how do I do so?) or buy a new pair (I've been considering the SR 80is as an upgrade, the ATH m50s due to the rave reviews, but am open to all suggestions)?
    Devices tested on- two ipod touches, one PC, one macbook. All required some fussing with the jack to get it to work properly.
    Music  I listen to in case you have headphones suggestions- most rock (everything from classic to modern- but not hard rock/metal), jazz, classical, alternative (mostly talking heads and stuff like that) and getting into progressive rock (king crimson, jethro tull, yes).
  2. wnmnkh Contributor
    1.) Is your headphone still in warranty?
    2.) Do you know how to solder?
    If answer for 2 is no, the chance is you may break the headphone even further.
  3. wizeman
    1.) No, they're quite old and I got them used (which is why I'm also considering upgrading
    2.) I don't, and I'm guessing that headphones, even used, aren't a great thing to start with.
  4. wnmnkh Contributor
    Grado headphones are actually the easiest to repair/mod compared to other brand due to its sheer simplicity 
    The issue you are having is the cable area near the jack got bad (i.e nearly cut). You can either try cut out that jack area and resolder with a new jack, or just recable the whole thing. But both require some soldering.
    Unless you want to learn how to solder (which is surprisingly very useful skill to have IMO) you want to get a new headphones.
    You can try sell your broken headphones at market or ebay with proper description to recoup some money (I think with 10 post counts, you can't do it here yet.)
  5. Shawn71
    Alternatively You can buy the solder-less,screw-on 3.5mm Jack which is the easiest way incase you don't want to sell it or you don't want to solder. just cut the 3.5mm jack,slice the wires,twist them and screw it on.Remember the 2 wires of ground(R+L) to be screwed together with sleeve (pic below).you just need a pair of scissors,art knife sort,a minus/flat screw driver or electric tester and your 15mins of time.
    Below is a simple diagram explaining TRS that you would need to screw the right wires to corresponding.....
    RS has it,link below. enjoy.
    edit> http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103990
  6. Jazmanaut
    Easiest way to repair grado cables, is to buy readymade cable, that have stereominiplug in other end and, let´s say two rca:s in other. Then cut RCA:s away, and voilá, you got your self
    nice looking, pro cable.
    Then you take grados earcup away from headband by just stretch that holding thingy. And to take cup apart, you can use heat gun, powerful hairdryer, or even cup of very hot water and warm them, untill hotglue inside melts, and you can tear it apart. Concentrate heat on backside of cups side and be carefull, not to heat element too much.
    Now just solder old cables out, and new in. Just make sure, that you got polarity right on both sides.
    It´s really quite easy. and hey, if you are going to buy new cans, why not try to fix old ones first. if something goes wrong, no harm done :wink:
  7. Shawn71

    I don't think he's dare enough to work on the earcups either when he's not into soldering the cables ......not actually that he's afraid to mod the gadgets BUT I feel he doesn't want to make them bad shape,damage etc. to preserve it's original. that's all. anyways all the 3 solutions posted here doesn't require much of a engg skill or knowledge either. :D

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