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Grado RS1e matters (and impressions)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by amictus, Jan 10, 2016.
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  1. Amictus
    Welcome to this thread. Why am I starting it? Well, I looked for a Grado RS-1e thread and didn’t find one… just a few people selling them. I am currently an owner of a pair that I ordered as an RS-1i and discovered that what I actually received was rather different: headphones marked RS1 on the cups with a 1/4” plug and red drivers. Further investigation, including some measuring,  revealed that I actually have is an early “Frankenstein” RS-1e.
    When I first received them, they sounded shrill, bassless and boxed-in. They distorted with large ensembles playing loudly and were, in general, hugely disappointing. I played them in for 100 hours and tried again. They were improved in all parameters except the tendency to fold under pressure of loud ensembles at loud volume. I relegated them to a secondary set-up of Mac Mini feeding a Meridian Explorer for a while. I used them on and off and, one day, I found myself enjoying them. Result - I am bringing them back into the fold and giving them some love. I hope that this thread will enable us to share experiences and enjoy the insights of the Wise (those folk with all the Grados and the right kit to go with them). Over to you.
  2. Amictus
    One thing my RS1e (almost) headphones don't have is the gorgeous brown headband. Mine is black. I mean, just look at it!
  3. Amictus
    2016-01-1017.10.47.jpg Well, here is my RS1 whatever it is. Just 'RS1' on the cups and red drivers.
    2016-01-1017.14.03.jpg   For serial number nerds... Is it a 5 or a 6 in the middle? More confusion.
  4. joseph69
    Damn those drivers  pert rude quite a bit!
    I have the PS1Ke and my drivers pert rude about 1/16" maybe a bit more I've never actually measured them. The second photo looks like yours are at least 3/16" 1/4", no?
  5. GreenBow
    Those have the most protruding drivers I have seen. I doubt I would be able to wear them with L-cushion, not that I am looking to buy any. Just curious.
    A while ago I googled RS1e and was very surprised to find so much positive reflection for them. I think it was shame Grado didn't give the RS1i, the normal e-treatment. I think they would have been showstoppers. However I hope the RS1e is not as bad as they say. Good that you and others are liking them.
  6. Amictus

    I don't have any scientific measuring tools here, but I reckon about 3/16". The driver housing is not seated exactly evenly in the cups, either. It's slightly further out on one side than the other. All part of that artisanal charm of the Grado product...
    I look forward to owning the PS1Ke one day. At the moment, Grado-wise, I'm SR60i (I got it free in a bundle with the Meridian Explorer - that's when the trouble started), Ps500 and the above-mentioned RS1e Frankenstein.
  7. joseph69
    I know what you mean.
  8. joseph69
    And there's more trouble ahead! [​IMG]
    Amictus likes this.
  9. GreenBow
    I have the Meridian Explorer. Pretty good DAC in my opinion. You were amazingly lucky to get a free pair of SR60i, because they are brilliant headphones.
    I was left wondering if it's possible to loosen and set the drivers further back.
  10. Amictus
    Re the drivers... You must be talking about my RS1e cans. Yes, I wondered about that, although I hesitate to mod that radically. You can see by the photos that the workmanship is sloppy and that there are blobs of glue extruding. I think that I must have got a Friday afternoon pair.
  11. stacker45
    Can you hear this Joseph?..........................this is the sound I make when I'm biting my tongue........hard! [​IMG]
  12. joseph69
    What? I can't hear you, bite harder!
    Amictus likes this.
  13. zazex
    Friday afternoon or Monday morning...:p
  14. Amictus
    Also, if you look under the serial number, you can see little wood shavings that haven't been smoothed down. They must have noticed as someone wrote the serial number just over them... Grrr. £799. Grrr. 2016-01-1017.14.03.jpg
  15. Amictus
    Anyway, enough griping. Here is the RS1e among friends. Also a closer photo of the Chord TT coming out in sympathy with the red drivers. 2016-01-1111.14.26.jpg
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