Grado GS2000e Loaner program

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by todd, May 31, 2016.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    Guys what's the status on the loaner tour here? I should be set at the bottom of this one... who has gotten these so far?
  2. Daeder
    I have received and reviewed in the loaner program.
  3. messiach
    First off, my apologies to Todd for being so late in posting this review - life/work issues have kept me quite busy.
    Todd - excellent guy for letting these expensive puppies out in the wild for all of us to listen and give feedback - kudos sir and keep it up, we all appreciate it greatly!

    Build Quality

    To put it bluntly, I like Grado's style, but the price never matches the build quality to me - and the GS2000e is no exception.
    The wood cups are very nice for sure, but the remaining parts are standard Grado - mostly plastic and thin leather with some metal parts.
    To be fair, the headband is somewhat better than a SR60, but just barely, and the cable is very thick with an included adapter (not sure if thick is everyone's thing...).
    Overall, I was hoping for more having seen only one screenshot from the side before I got them, but it wasn't to be.
    Grado could do so much more with these premium models - I've seen it in the modding community and I'm not sure why they don't step it up here...

    Overall Opinion: Poor

    Sound, very different than any Grado I've heard.

    Starting with the treble - much less aggressive than I'm used to hearing from a Grado.
    Quite a bit more even sounding with a great deal of air.
    I'm not sure I'd say I heard much sparkle but the instrument separation and soundstage was very impressive and much less congested than I'm used to hearing even from an SR225.
    I can say that with G-Pads, even the lower models open up some in this regard, but the GS2000e simply did it effortlessly.

    The mids were, again, very even sounding with a wide presence and slight warm tilt.
    Not quite as forward or aggressive as the Sennheiser HD6xx line, and maybe slightly less soundstage than the HE-500, but overall excellent.

    Bass was notably light but there was some impact there with a slight mid-bass bump.
    I didn't expect much here but the bass was good, clean and had a little extension but nothing to write home about.

    The one thing I noticed right away was how powerful the drivers were - they threw that clear, even sound out there so effortlessly.
    Putting your hands over the backs even lightly and you can feel the pressure coming from that sound - more so than any other open back I've tried.

    Overall Opinion: Quality matches the price. Not your typical Grado - effortless and even sound, very easy to listen to with a great soundstage.

    Overall Value

    I wish Grado would do better with the material design on headphones like this.
    Yes, I feel that style doesn't really mean much if it sounds cruddy, but for the price, I couldn't justify this sound over competitors without a bit more, either in the overall sound or the design.
    I will say, if you're the type that likes a laid back but clear and airy experience, perhaps classical/jazz, etc.., this is a great option for sure.
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