Grado GS2000e Loaner program

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by todd, May 31, 2016.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    Guys what's the status on the loaner tour here? I should be set at the bottom of this one... who has gotten these so far?
  2. Daeder
    I have received and reviewed in the loaner program.
  3. messiach
    First off, my apologies to Todd for being so late in posting this review - life/work issues have kept me quite busy.
    Todd - excellent guy for letting these expensive puppies out in the wild for all of us to listen and give feedback - kudos sir and keep it up, we all appreciate it greatly!

    Build Quality

    To put it bluntly, I like Grado's style, but the price never matches the build quality to me - and the GS2000e is no exception.
    The wood cups are very nice for sure, but the remaining parts are standard Grado - mostly plastic and thin leather with some metal parts.
    To be fair, the headband is somewhat better than a SR60, but just barely, and the cable is very thick with an included adapter (not sure if thick is everyone's thing...).
    Overall, I was hoping for more having seen only one screenshot from the side before I got them, but it wasn't to be.
    Grado could do so much more with these premium models - I've seen it in the modding community and I'm not sure why they don't step it up here...

    Overall Opinion: Poor

    Sound, very different than any Grado I've heard.

    Starting with the treble - much less aggressive than I'm used to hearing from a Grado.
    Quite a bit more even sounding with a great deal of air.
    I'm not sure I'd say I heard much sparkle but the instrument separation and soundstage was very impressive and much less congested than I'm used to hearing even from an SR225.
    I can say that with G-Pads, even the lower models open up some in this regard, but the GS2000e simply did it effortlessly.

    The mids were, again, very even sounding with a wide presence and slight warm tilt.
    Not quite as forward or aggressive as the Sennheiser HD6xx line, and maybe slightly less soundstage than the HE-500, but overall excellent.

    Bass was notably light but there was some impact there with a slight mid-bass bump.
    I didn't expect much here but the bass was good, clean and had a little extension but nothing to write home about.

    The one thing I noticed right away was how powerful the drivers were - they threw that clear, even sound out there so effortlessly.
    Putting your hands over the backs even lightly and you can feel the pressure coming from that sound - more so than any other open back I've tried.

    Overall Opinion: Quality matches the price. Not your typical Grado - effortless and even sound, very easy to listen to with a great soundstage.

    Overall Value

    I wish Grado would do better with the material design on headphones like this.
    Yes, I feel that style doesn't really mean much if it sounds cruddy, but for the price, I couldn't justify this sound over competitors without a bit more, either in the overall sound or the design.
    I will say, if you're the type that likes a laid back but clear and airy experience, perhaps classical/jazz, etc.., this is a great option for sure.
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  4. Mshenay Contributor
    Comment is a little late but some of you on the West Coast will hopefully appreciate this

    A few months back I got to hear both the PS2KE and GS2KE and I waited to post my review, the reason being is I really wanted to give my full impressions on February the 2nd, to pay respect to the memory and legacy of Joseph Grado who left us on 02/06/2015. Mr. Grado spent quite a bit of time as I understand in my home state of South Carolina! An so to honor the man who appreciated my homeland and whose unique presentation I appreciate,

    I have uploaded my full review of both the PS2000E and GS2000E reviewed together really!

    Each review has the same content, but the rating is based on the headphone it's listed under and the pro's and cons are again relevant to the headphone listed
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