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Google Chrome Problem

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by darknessproz, Aug 20, 2010.
  1. grokit
    For me Huddler has lost basic functionality THAT IT USED TO HAVE with Chrome, at least on Vista. I can no longerpost an image or even subscribe to a thread; when I try to do either of these things my screen goes gray and I lose what I was trying to post. This now happens every time, very frustrating. Moving Head-fi to the Huddler platform was a huge mistake as far as basic usability is concerned.
    This is a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS for Huddler/Head-fi [​IMG]
  2. johangrb
    Another frustrated fi'er here. Chrome 6.0 on Mac OSx. Javascript issues all the way (e.g. 'reply' to a PM not working).
    I resorted to using having Safari open just for head-fi.
  3. krmathis Contributor
    Have you guys reported the issue to Google?
    Cause as long as it works in "all" browsers besides Chrome it sure may be something wrong on their side.
    Not that I like how Head-Fi is such reliant on JavaScript, but just saying.
  4. grokit
    Whoever's fault it was the issue seems to be fixed for now at least, for me at least, so thanks for that [​IMG]
    I can now subscribe to threads again, and here is a sample image:
  5. grokit
    Aargh! I take it back. Just tried to post an image in another thread and the page "grayed out" again and I lost my post, it seems to be a random event [​IMG]

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