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Google Chrome Problem

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by darknessproz, Aug 20, 2010.
  1. darknessproz
    Head-fi.org hangs regularly on my chrome browser, many times i can't load a page properly, and even when the load is over, the page sometimes hangs in the middle of reading. 
  2. krmathis Contributor
    Ok, thanks for sharing!
  3. darknessproz
    One update on this issue, the login function on this site is also bugged with chrome, sometimes it does not show that i'm logged it, yet when i click on another link, i am logged in again. Not sure if this problem is on chrome only though.
  4. byte
    Have you tried updating? Running Incognito to see if an extension is screwing up?
  5. imademymark
    i have the same problem :frowning2:
  6. heavytwenty
    My Google Chrome keeps having javascript issues. I'll have to wait up to 2 minutes before it blocks javascript from this site.
    I used the stable version of Chrome and then tried the beta.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Hmm, I can't quick-reply using Google Chrome for Mac.  Seems the browser is a bit cursed with javascript issues.
  8. Nebby Contributor
    I'm using Chrome 6.0.472.41 beta on win7 here with no issues whatsoever, are you on a Mac?
  9. heavytwenty
    Win 7 64bit.
    It seems to happen frequently whenever I have multiple tabs from this forum opened.
    Tried replicating the issue: http://imgur.com/piDSv.jpg
    It hangs up about 1-2 minutes, sometimes that "Kill" message pops up, sometimes it just disables/blocks javascript.
  10. EddieE
    My Google Chrome has gone drastically wrong, not just on this site but most forums. I'm guessing someone screwed up and put out an unstable "update". Hopefully they will sort it out soon.
  11. Nebby Contributor
    I just opened every sub-forum here without issues. Noticed you had temp monitor in the taskbar, is your computer overclocked?

  12. heavytwenty


    Nope, I just like to be vigilant. 
  13. Ashy
    I've also had the hanging problem with google chrome (though luckily it only hangs the single tab).
    I've had this on both my 32bit vista machine at work and my 32bit ubuntu machine at home.
    Once when it happened I got a message about a script taking too long.
    I'm running chrome 5.0.375.70 at work.
    Not sure which version my linux machine has.
  14. Yoga Flame
    I had this problem in Safari, which uses a similar engine as Chrome. On random pages, a misbehaving javascript would completely lock up the browser for 10 seconds or so until the browser tells me something is wrong and asks if I want to stop the script. Since then I have permanently disabled selected host names and the problem has not returned for me.
    My theory is that the bad script is from one of the google ads. The same ads don't always appear on every page, so that would explain why the problem seems to happen at random. And these ads are targeted based on the user's geographical location. Perhaps these scripted ads don't get served to US users. And maybe that's why the Head-Fi/Huddler team can't track this thing down.
  15. NapalmK
    I've had every single one of these issues running Chrome on Windows 7 (64-bit desktop and 32-bit netbook). The most frequent issues are the login problem mentioned and that hitting reply doesn't do anything but jump me to the top of the page. It's really frustrating and made me switch back to Firefox.

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