Good RS-1i Complement? hd600?
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Dec 18, 2008
i love my grado rs1s to death, but i'm thinking maybe i'd like a second headphone that would complement them well. with some money from college graduation i'm thinking i can spring for another pair of phones. i was originally thinking of maybe upgrading my amp, but i think i'd get more fun and use from another headphone.

i havent really heard any other high end headphones, and i was thinking i might go for an hd600. i've always been curious what the senn sound was all about, but i'm just afraid i might find them boring coming from an rs1. i'd like something with a pretty large soundstage and nice instrument separation. i listen to pretty much everything, and i figured the hd600 might be nice for some of my more mellow chill music. i've tossed around the idea of maybe an akg 701 or 601, but since i haven't heard any other phones besides grado i'm not sure. my amp now is a head direct ef1 with upgraded opamp, so preferably i'd like something that could pair nicely with that.

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600 or 650s should work nice. I switch between a pair 325is and 650s. Makes for a neat contrast.
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I also switch between Senn and Grado (RS1i and HD650), but since I got the Grado I don't like hearing Rock/Pop through my HD650 especially with my B22. But still the Senns get a lot of listening time.
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I've done the shuffle between these two (not the i version of the RS1 though) and the main problem with it is that you absolutely need to "warm up" to the house sound of each phone. Maybe it's just me, but when swapping between moods it took me several days of listening to one by itself before it sounded "right."
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I regularly switch back and forth between RS-1's and 650s depending on what mood I'm in and what music I'm listening too. I think they compliment each other nicely.
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i like open design headphones, as i dont really need the isolation and i like the airyness. does anyone use an rs1 and hd600? the 650 is a bit more expensive and i feel like i need to try the hd600 because of its reputation and from a little research on the sounds of the two. maybe ill look into the k701/2 too.
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You're going to need to go home to sample the wares to determine your taste of the suspects. I think the 600s or the 701s are a good match.
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I haven't happened to try any open headphones yet, but those two, the rs1 and hd650 are ones I've been planning on getting. Probably the hd650 not until I get an amp for myself.

Anyone wanna explain to me the uniqueness in the Grado rs1 being "fun." Though I know the hd650 are really good, I just want to understand the fun-factor of the rs1. Would I be able to get this "fun" from other Grados such as the sr325is?
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Originally Posted by beez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
does anyone use an rs1 and hd600? the 650 is a bit more expensive and i feel like i need to try the hd600 because of its reputation and from a little research on the sounds of the two. maybe ill look into the k701/2 too.

Yes. The HD-600 is a good companion to the RS-1. Unlike the RS-1, the HD-600 is close to neutral, is slightly laid back and has a much bigger soundstage. Yes, you can love both, too.

The K-701/2... I'm not a fan. There's some weirdness in the highs that makes them sound plasticky and artificial to me. Sure, there's a wide soundstage, etc., etc., but think of a restaurant with great decor, great service, great prices, and so on. Everything is perfect, but the food tastes slightly like plastic. Would you eat there?

If you want to sample the AKG sound try the K-501.
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As far as fun, not sure how to describe it. I will say that wityh most live recordings, I will automatically pick up the RS-1's, the same with most rock. Also, I've noticed that for me, Neil Young seems to shine with the RS-1's on everything from his Crazy Horse sessions to Prarie Wind, so I guess it must be his voice that compliments them so well. Although when I just started spinning CSNY 4 way street I switched back to the 650's.

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