Good amp and dac pairings for HD800S

  1. Newgrounds
    Hello I'm currently taking recommendations on amp and dac pairings for my HD800S. I would appreciate recommendations in tiers from low price points to mid to high. What I'm looking for are combinations that take advantage of their clarity and imaging but aren't to sterile or dry sounding. I want a little bit of kick to them but nothing overly warm or dark. Also a bonus would be combos that scale well with other Sennheiser cans such as the HD600/650/58X/660S as I would prefer to not switch around amps often. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  2. Rhamnetin
    Bottlehead Mainline. There's one in the for sale section here for $900. Considering my next amp recommendation would be $5,000, I'll leave it at that for high end.

    And the next step down I would say is the Bottlehead S.E.X. Bottlehead amps are just so well designed compared to most other tube amps.

    I pretty much only recommend Chord DACs these days. Never heard better. The Mojo is a great value, above this is a used 2Qute, and above that the Qutest.
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  3. Newgrounds
    Thank you for the recommendations. What would be your opinion on double amping with the Mojo? Do you think it was negatively impact the end result if I went from Source->mojo->amp->headphone?
  4. Rhamnetin
    The Mojo has a line out mode that you'd be using, that outputs a fixed 3v line level signal, so you won't be double amping like that.
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Audio-GD NFB-11.28, DAC/Head amp, about $400 delivered to your front door.
    I've been using one for the past year :)
    It come with a line-output, so you could also connect a tube headphone amplifier to it.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Burson Conductor or Meier DACcord FF+Classic FF. Or Violectric V200 with a DAC module.
  7. Arniesb
    I would just go Hugo 2 + Plus Get great copper cable and call it a day.
  8. earChasm
    If you are still undecided my 2 cents based on my personall experience (and preferences) with a limited number of goodies. But at least it's no "I heared/I read" crap :.b

    1) HDVA600 with a Chord 2Qute (or Qutest) to spice it up a little. The HDVA600 + a 2Qute could be snatched for a good price. Checks all your wishes.

    2) The Violectric 280/281 should be spot on or else if you do need a bit more bite;

    3) a second hand Auralic Taurus.

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