Getting myself into audio.

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  1. Bazzzze
    I've been looking around for about 2 months and I've come up with some good suggestions to what I could get, but I'm not completely sure yet ofc. Idk if it affects anything but i mostly game when using headphones, i do listen to music at the same time.

    I've been looking at the AT2020 for the microphone (XLR version), and maybe the Scarlett 2i2 with it. Then I've looked at many headphones and can't come up with anything, i know i like some bass (but that is also the only I've ever heard from headphones other than cheap earplugs)

    PS. I dont have a specific budget (ofc not too high price), and if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
  2. Whitigir
    Welcome to the audio world. I will recommend

    MDR Z7 if you love some bass, also JVC Headphones. You can buy used Z7 for pretty good price. I started out there, and before I knew got over my head lol
  3. YJX94
    You need to be a bit more specific in order for us to help because we're thinking off of very limited information.

    First of all it would help a big deal if you told us what budget you had, if you don't have a specific budget then tell us the absolute most you want to pay for the headphones alone.

    Then comes the main part - the headphones. What kind of headphone do you want? Open or Closed? Removable or Non-removable cable? DAC/Amp requirements or not? (costs extra money) What kind of sound signature do you like?

    Open headphones - Only for home use and in your room alone since they leak sound. They have a better soundstage (surround sound effect) than closed headphones and are better for immersion and sound more natural/real/airy.

    Closed headphones - Can be used in the home and outside since they're closed back and they don't leak sound and they provide isolation. For music and gaming I'd suggest open over closed if your situation allows it.

    Removable or Non-removable cable - I personally want removable cables and strongly dislike non-removable ones but if your headphones will literally NEVER leave your desk then I guess a non-removable cable isn't so bad.

    DAC/Amp requirements - Are you willing to spend extra to get a dedicated DAC/Amp? Headphones that require a DAC/Amp will usually sound better. If you decide on a hard to drive headphone and find that your PC gets you good volume levels that doesn't mean you don't need a DAC/Amp, take it from personal experience.

    Sound signature - Do you like bass, how much? Do you want clear vocals or you don't care? Do you want detail and clarity and can your ears handle high treble/treble fatigue? Do you want a large soundstage to make it feel as if the audio is coming from all around you in your room? Do you want good imaging which allows you to separate instruments and helps with positioning? Do you want the headphone to be analytical or fun?

    If you're going to be playing singe player games only then a fun headphone will be better.

    If you're going to be playing online competitive games only then an analytical headphone will better.

    If you're going to do both single player and competitive gaming then an all-rounder is what you want.
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  4. Whitigir
    Let’s not overwhelm the guy :D. Anyways, take your time, enjoy the ride as it could get to be really expensive soon
  5. YJX94
    Lol of course not. But if he provides us will all the necessary info then chances are he'll get something he loves the first time round so then things won't have to get so expensive later on.
  6. Bazzzze
    okay for the budget i was thinking about not too high, so not higher than 450 USD (keep in mind that where i live tech costs quite a bit more) just around that area.

    open or closed, i have no idea (i do live by myself and the headphones are only for home use, i use cheap earplugs at work, so i dont mind the cable being non-removable)

    i know the scarlett has an amp but idk if its any good, i dont mind spending a little on a DAC/Amp, but i dont know if its necessary.

    now the hardest one yet.. ive only heard gaming branded headsets/headphones so im not completely sure, right now i use the kingston hyperx cloud II and i think they sound okay in terms of everything (and the price is and was great when i bought them). i have only heard a glimse of a AT m50x (or 40 idk), but only for less than a minute with a song i didn't even know.

    i play all types of games, single player and competitive games as well.

    I hope that helped a little on the missing information, hope that is enough otherwise im happy to respond.
  7. YJX94
    Is the 450 USD for the headphone alone or headphone + DAC/Amp?

    If it's 450 for the headphone alone then what's the max you'd pay for a DAC/Amp?
  8. Bazzzze
    i was thinking headphones alone, and then i would max use 150 for the DAC/Amp.

    Thank you so much for your patients :beyersmile:
  9. Whitigir
    Z7 and Dragon-Fly :D

    Or Fostex TH-X00 and Dragon fly
  10. cossix
    Is there a reason you chose the 2i2 over the Solo? They do the same thing except the 2i2 just has more instrument inputs. If you only run a microphone and a headphone, and maybe a guitar or other 1/4" input, then the Solo is the better pick for the price
  11. Bazzzze
    the Z7 is already 700$ X.X (because theres no used ones here), but the fostex looks really pretty from what i see (anything that has a wood case looks good to me), but its only on massdrop as far as i can see.

    the dragon fly red is all i can see and its 230$ X.X
  12. Bazzzze
    i didn't have anything other than i thought it would sound better if i played with a guitar (idk if that matters in any way), and i always just wanna be safe rather than being sorry :D
  13. YJX94
    Since you're home alone and you said it's for home use then I recommend an open back. And since you'll be gaming competitively and single player then an all-rounder with a fun signature would be great.

    Within your price range for headphones I'd suggest either the Philips Fidelio X2HR or the AKG K712 Pro with a Schiit Fulla 2.

    For the K712 you can use the Schiit Fulla 2 which is a neat and cheap little DAC/Amp combo with pre-outs for a great price and it will power K712's easy. Then you could use the 2i2 with the AT2020 as your mic option.

    For the X2 you can use the 2i2 alone since they really do not need an amp. This way you can have both your mic and headphones connected to the 2i2 making for an easier/tidier setup.

    K712 is the better headphone but you will have to get an amp for it and the Schiit Fulla 2 is a great option.

    It depends on what you want, ease of use and tidiness of the X2 + Mic with the 2i2 or you wanna spend extra to get the Fulla 2 with the K712 which will give you a superior sound on the headphones side of things.
  14. Bazzzze

    theres a few things that strike me

    1. the X2 is actually about the same price
    2. the Schiit is not really available (i found a german website that might ship it, gonna check)
  15. YJX94
    Schiit does operate in Europe, here is the site:
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