Get the most out of a Phiaton Ms 300?
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New Head-Fier
Dec 20, 2010
Hello forum go-ers :D! I'm a newbie so go easy on me if I'm short on knowledge. I plan on purchasing a Phiaton Ms 300 sometime soon for my computer and on the go purposes. I'll mostly be using it on the computer, and was thinking about getting a sound card, only to realize that my computer is out of PCI slots because of my graphics and networking cards. Does anyone have any suggestions for a headphone amp, or anything else to get the most out of my headphones? My budget is about $100 and I'll be using them for mostly for listening to alternative, classical, instrumental music, and gaming(starcraft 2!).
Oh and also, would the Sennheiser hd 280 be a better choice?

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