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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. pauldgroot
    So why no word about the Xfi shipping out? I thought that was supposed to be in parallel right?
  2. chartwell85

    Pulse X and Xfi are the same category.  We just internally refer to the board as GPX aka X 
  3. grizzlybeast
    I wonder if you selected to make payments on the xfi, when invoices will be sent out.
  4. chartwell85
    CS team is aiming to submit invoices for payment plans on the 20th, however, they aren't actually due until the 27th.
  5. eac3
  6. germay0653

    Just don't turn on the fan!
  7. uncola
    haha I'm a moron I was trying to figure out how many resistors were going to be set aside because they said they have 500 and that was enough for 125 pulses for hand matching.  Then I realized 500/4 is 125.  I guess 500 resistors is a high enough number that they should be able to closely match them all
  8. digitalzed

    Axel, I know they're working on a Mac DFU. 
  9. jexby

    And are stuck after reporting OS X USB bugs to Apple.
    Think Cupertino has this atop their priority list?
  10. mscott58
    Nice one Brian! You forgot to add [general comments about this being some type of Ponzi scheme]!
  11. TopQuark

    True.  How do they define "matching"?  To what tolerance?  Anyone knows?
  12. miceblue
    What are the power specifications for low gain? With the GO 1000 and fairly sensitive closed-back headphones, -80 dB on the LH Control Panel is my normal volume level with modern music. :/
  13. Boban85
    Miceblue, that's good news for you, no need to adjust the volume, just turn on the Pulse and you are good to go [​IMG] 
  14. uncola
    Guess who agreed to do some googling and reading on diyaudio, amb.org, diyparadise, audiocircle, audiogon and audioasylum and compile all the subjective impressions of improvements after people installed tx2575 naked resistors to get us salivating for our upgrade?  They also read chinese so they'll be able to post impressions from erji.net, china's biggest headphone forum.  This person is imaginary but I wish he was real.  C'mon someone do the leg work for us :p
  15. topgunsphd
    Did know where else to ask this question:  Has anyone heard any updates on the geek pulse iems?  They were estimated to be shipping out sometime this month?
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