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Gaming mouse for large/big hands?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by JakeJack_2008, Nov 25, 2017.
  1. JakeJack_2008
    I am a novice-casual video game player. I have got large/big hands.
    I would like to buy a gaming mouse (say, in the rage of $40-60) for sim racing: Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Grid,...
    I also play flight simulator games: DCS World (F15,...), Falcon BMS 4.33 (update 3), Ace Combat Assault Horizon Extended Edition, and soon Microsoft Flight Simulator X, ...
    I play all of the above games in the offline mode on Steam using my Windows 10 laptop.

    I am not interested in any MMORPG, FPS or Third-Person Shooter, RTS, RPG, MMO, MOBA, ... games.

    By the way, I have a Thrustmaster GPX LightBack Xbox 360 and PC Ferrari F1 Edition Gamepad
    but I do not want to use it in public places like coffee shops, libraries, etc.

    Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
  2. joanna
    JakeJack_2008, I have corsair glaive RGB gaming mouse. I don't know about your choice you like RGB mouses or not but as per your requirement that is quite enough for you and under your budget and the contoured have an effect on allows your palm to easily pretense used to, relieving pressure from your wrist. So, you can game for hours, without pining or/and fatigue. you can also check here more gaming mouses under $50
  3. JakeJack_2008

    Thank you for the link.

    Incidentally, recently I checked out the
    Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball (no. 4 on the list).
    It's large but that trackball feature is a pain in the neck - I returned it after a couple of hours of struggling with it. That trackball is so clumsy for me.

    By the way, I've found this:
    5 Best Cheap Gaming Mouse To Buy In 2017 – Surprisingly Cheap!

    3. COMANRO USB Wired Gaming Mouse
    Our third choice is ideal for gaming for many hours. This is because the mouse is not very heavy. In addition, the unit comes with the contoured body,
    so you can place your palm perfectly. However, some users find this gaming mouse to be too large for their hands.

    That's a good one: "too large for their hands"

    I have been using the Logitech M325 for a few years now and it's really too small for me.
    So, I want 'to kill two birds with one stone' namely, buy a mouse for large hands for
    gaming and a general use at the same time.

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  4. NoisyNeighbour
    For large hands I would recommend Mionix Naos. The 7000 model specifically because the sensor is better than the other two models. Also the Logitech g502, but ONLY if you do NOT use palm grip. If using palm grip, it's too narrow for large hands.
  5. aWildSalmon
    I have large hands and my Razer Deathadder fits nicely!
  6. Nev83
    Yeah for large hands, def go with razer mice. You can allways check out Rocketjumpninjas youtube channal for guide on finding the right size mouse.
  7. knivek
    I have large hands - I use the Razer Naga. You can get the Trinity with magnetic side plates for differing tasks you are working on. Highly recommend it.
  8. Inspectre
    My palm is 3 5/8ths inches, and I use a Corsair m45. It fit's perfectly, I like the no frills design and with it's program you can disable the main LED.
    Sadly it looks like it's out of production. The Corsair m65 looks similar, but they added a side button, still ~$50ish so that's good.
  9. swollazn
    I second the deathadder. It is simple and has a solid width compared to the skinny, budget logitechs I started out with.

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