Gaming audio questions ! H58X vs HD600? GSX1000 vs Arc?

  1. Sentenex
    Hey there head-fi group... So I’ve been looking to enter the audiophile world but I am seriously confused on where to go next... For starters, I purchased HD600 and 58X ; 58X for gaming and the 600 for music. Now, I have a pretty solid motherboard (Maximus Hero X) which is said to have a built in DAC . Checking my optical output I can use audio up to 24bit/192kh . I’m currently looking for best audio while keeping amazing surroundsound for gaming. I’m torn between amps, amp/dac combos, and the ignorance I have for using my onboard DAC and knowing if its good ... I’ve been looking at Mayflower Arc , GSX 1000, and o2combo . I primarily am looking for gaming but I do love my music. Should I be using my motherboard DAC instead if an external, and I would love opinions on the arc vs the gsx 1000... My latest pair of headphones was a gaming headset that came with an external dac (Steelseries Arctis pro + dac)
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