Futuresonics Atrio's
Mar 25, 2011 at 10:53 AM Post #31 of 31

I received my Atrio with the MG7 driver yesterday. I agree it does sound pretty balanced overall.
Out of the box the bass is impressive. It is clean, impactful and seems to effortlessly reach the lowest notes. It doesn't have the same subwoofer-esque (some may say bloated) bass of the W3 or IE8 with the dial maxed out, but this is not always desirable and is probably a result of the mid-bass hump these 2 IEMs have.
My Monster MDs also purchased this week must be faulty considering the bass on them is non-existant compared to any of my other IEMs, yet in Joker's IEM review thread he states the bass on the MD is only trumped by the Atrio or IE8.

Hi there, I tried out many top earphones that cost over $900 Dollars and the Atrios were better or as good all around but had the most bass.

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