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Funny comments from the forums.

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Feb 10, 2011.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Sometimes I've come across some epic comments from people on the forums which, if I've had the space, I've put in my signature for a while.  Regrettably, I've run out of room to put a couple of other links I want in there, so I'm going to put them in a thread instead.  If you've found any other excellent ones yourself, please do post them.
    'What's with all these headphone amp names these days? "Yesterday I had the greatest SEX... bottlehead experience with my cans." ; "Schiit man... that's really the stuff to compare against the Hat Peed Thingy."' -- epocs
    "If people with boob avatars don't like it, it must mean Ultrasone is doing something right ." -- MuppetFace on the ED10s
  2. Marcus_C
    "Welcome, Give your wallet to the bloke on the door and say goodbye to your Sanity" --  Slightly more imaginative welcome than the usual by Bennyboy71
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  3. JamesMcProgger
    "The K-701 is to real music as Tang is to real oranges." - Uncle Erik
    couldnt find the thread but an user reminded me.
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  4. sphinxvc
    The first seven posts of this thread literally made me laugh out loud. 
    Edit:  The pokemon thread.  Read upto page 5 - hilarious.
  5. revolink24

    You shouldn't have had to look far. It's been in my sig for months.
  6. JamesMcProgger


    that is where i fount it.
    (google brought me to your profile actually)
  7. sphinxvc
    Quote: Uncle Erik 
    A good connection with 60/40 will sound better than some mystical solder made of precious metals mined from a sacred mountain, plunged into liquid nitrogen and bathed in the tears of a virgin monk.
  8. JamesMcProgger
    doesnt all monks suppose to be virgins?

    btw UE seems to be very quoted around here
  9. dilpal
    How about comments from patrick82 ?
  10. dilpal
    By Uncle Erik "If someone is claiming that the laws of physics, as understood today, are somehow waived by a power cord, they have a *substantial* burden of proof to demonstrate their claims."
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  11. Deep Funk
    One by Kirosia:
    ... And Kirosia doth never forgiveth them. 
    The thread is one of the more amusing ones I must admit...
  12. sphinxvc

  13. High_Q

    I don't like the sound signatures of many headphones, mostly because they add extra bass flavoring. Still, I know why they do that (consumers prefer it) and it doesn't bother me. But the K-701 has a really noticeable flaw in the mids. AKG knows this, too, which is why they lowered the price. If it was actually any good, they'd be able to get the MSRP of $500 or so, especially in light of the outbreak of kilobuck headphones. Further, AKG hasn't addressed the problem. Instead of updating the drivers, they put out a fluorescent green version. How cute. [​IMG]
    Credit to Uncle Erik 
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  14. maverickronin
    Here in the back of the bus we are allowed to ask for evidence beyond I hear a difference when I know what I am listening to.  - Nick_Charles
  15. Yoga Flame
    In response to a 300W soldering iron...
    Quote from nikongod:
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