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From Sennheiser HD595s to In-Ear Monitors...where to look?

  1. paulrules
    I'm taking the dive into in-ear headphones, and I've been reading reviews about different pairs and what not, and narrowed them down to either the Klipsch Image S4 or the Etymotic Research HF5, but I have no idea which one to pick as I can't listen to both of them before I buy them.
    Which one would give me the most similar sound quality to my Sennheisers? I know trying to compare In-Ears to circumaural headsets is blasphemy but I'm trying to get a comparison.
    Also, what In-Ear headphones in the $99 - $170 price range would be the best to get?
  2. LegendaryLvl1

    in-ear headphones
    Whoa! In-ear headphones? THose are some big canals you have man!...
    WHen you say that you want a signature similar to the Sennheisers, I doubt you'll find it in any of the two IEMS's that you've mentioned. But I'm assuming that you want a similar style of sound correct? (e.g. balanced, analytical, warm etc etc)
  3. paulrules
    Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. And haha! My terminology is a little off seeing as I only now have read all about IEMs and that comprehensive list of different IEMs. I've "settled" right now on the RE0 which seem that I can use for now and add a portable amp to later.
    If you have a better suggestion be my guest!
  4. LegendaryLvl1


    Nope, the RE0's are a fantastic choice. Though I must say, you will hardly EVER use a portable amp - normal DAPs drive them very well.
  5. aleki
    I have been reading that the GR07 are similar to the HD595 (I'll be able to put that to the test hopefully this weekend), but as far as getting the sound stage, quality, and out of head experience, I have to give that position to my IE8's. Some people have even gone as far as saying IE8's and HD650's sound very much alike.
  6. paulrules
    Awesome news on the GR07. I'll keep a lookout for the results, and if that's true then I'll be picking those up instead. IE8's are a little out of my price range though :p
  7. ZARIM
    If you want detailed yet fun to listen sound signature then these two IEMs(GR07, EX600) are hard to beat. The Etymotic HF5 are very detailed with good bass response and isolation is above average with tighter seal.
  8. aleki
    OK, so I just got my GR07's in today. Unfortunately it's too early to comment on the similarities to the HD595; although I will say, I am quite surprized so far [​IMG]
  9. aleki
    OK, highly reccomending the GR07's now. Bass is perfect, clarity is awsome, and separation is great. They are possibly the best "jack of all trades" IEM I have heard to date [​IMG]
    Edit: as for the similarities between them and the HD595; well, I can hear what the other poster was talking about(although the sweet engaging midrange that are present on the Senn's arent quite there with the GR07). Like you, I have been searching for a portable version of the HD595. Unfortunately, I dont think you can ever replace the sound of quality full size cans; but the GR07's come pretty friggin close!
  10. WhatMACHI
    Good to hear you liking the GR07's. Out of interest how much did you pay and from where?
  11. aleki
    I payed $156 through lendmeurears on ebay; but I snuck in right before the price hike [​IMG]

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