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From Sennheiser Game Zero to DT 770 80ohm and now lost....

  1. miixy
    So my Sennheiser Game Zero were breaking apart (I didn't treat them well), so I started searching for new headphones to get, after looking at a bunch of youtube videos and forums, I saw the DT 770 (80ohm) and Audio Technica M50X always popping up, so I went to an audio store and asked the guy which one should I go with, he said the DT770 would be a better option, so I got those. And now after using them for a couple of hours (+5) I don't feel content with them... I don't know how to describe it.
    I like how my Sennheisers sound, but they lack bass, but I don't really like how the DT770s sound.
    I'm considering returning them and getting other headphones maybe more expensive ones, I don't really want to waste more than 200 euros.

    TL;DR - I brought the DT770 80ohms and I don't like how they sound. Looking for an upgrade!
    Thanks! :)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  2. serman005
    I personally think the NAD HP50 and the SoundMAGIC HP151 are both better headphones than the DT770 (of any ilk) or the M50X. Maybe read about them and see what you think. The NAD is more neutral, while the HP151 is just ever-so-slightly v-shaped, so may have more of the bass you feel is lacking from your Senn. If you decide you are stuck on Audio Technica for some reason, I also prefer the M40X to the M50X, though again, it is more to the nuetral side of the ledger than the M50X will ever be.
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