Fostex TH808 :: Impressions Thread
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 25, 2014

MSRP: $1299

These look really nice!! :L3000:
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I like such quiet premiere 808 from Foster, without hype. From the announcement it follows that driver was re-tuned and the sound will be more linear in all ranges. Something tells me that 808 will be cool
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You can't call a headphone the 808 without making it a bass cannon. Fingers crossed 🤞
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Ohhhh as someone who's forever on the fence to buy TH909, I'm really interested in seeing what the difference is between TH909 and TH808.

EDIT: I wonder if this was inspired by the TH616.

TH909 = Cherry wood, TH900 driver
TH808 = Walnut wood, TH900 driver
TH616 = Walnut wood, TH610 driver

Like this way people don't need to Frankenstein their own TH616 + TH900 driver.
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I hope it's not the anniversary tuning, I found that lackluster.
I've never heard the anniversary tuning, I read it improved the mids to make it less v shaped is that right?

Do you find it make it less "fun" sounding?

Genuinely curious because I thought the general reception of anniversary tuning seems to be good no?

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