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Fostex TH-600/900 replacement pads?

  1. AdrianDS
    Anyone know of any pads that will fit the Fostex th-600 cup? I couldn't seem to find any replacement fostex pads.
    Thx [​IMG] 
  2. GL1TCH3D
    I've been interested in picking up a set of replacement pads as well.
    Have you tried contacting fostex directly?
  3. AdrianDS
    No I have not, that would probably be a good idea [​IMG]
  4. spurxiii
    the HM5 pads works and improves it. It's more comfy also
  5. inksmudge
    I have stretched a pair of Mr. Speakers Alpha pads onto a pair of d2000. They fit ok as the cup which is circular is just a bit bigger than the oval Alpha pads. They were comfy and a lot thicker than the stock pads. Have them on the site for $60
    I currently have a pair of the Leather dogs pads on my Th-900. I think they are about the same thickness as the stock with the exception they are constant thickness all around. I have strreeeetched these over a period of time by having them sit on top of a pair of stock audio technica pads. I think mine are considerably bigger than the original size. They do stretch though and I have no trouble getting the white plastic ring inside them now. 
    I had a hot spot on my left ear with the stock fostex pads. I don't have it with the leather dogs. I find the leather way cooler too. Leather dogs are $50 on Mr Speakers site. 
    The other one to look at it the Lawton Angle pads ($110). I have never owned a pair as I have been happy with the other solutions, but they will fit the TH-600/900 as they were designed to do so.
    Hope it helps,
  6. Jazic
    The Lawton pads are hard. Haven't tried them myself but when I asked their CS the response was it was firmer than the stock pads so...
  7. Jazic
     Do they fit well? I'm about to drop some cash on the two pair velour and leather from Amazon. 
    Have any pics of them by chance?
  8. spurxiii

    The fit is great
  9. spurxiii
  10. spurxiii
    Sorry about the pics but I'm at work at the moment
  11. nicholars
    I was looking at trying some of these.... But £500-600 headphones with NO REPLACEABLE CABLE OR PADS is not good at all.
  12. spurxiii

    The pads are replaceable. I switched mine with the HM5 pads quite easily enough. I also opened them up quite easily to replace it with a shortened cable (1.2m) made from canare quad star and paracord and reterminated to hirose. Just need to solder a bit
  13. simonsmith
    Hi Spur,

    Did you experience a significant change in SQ after cable change?
  14. caiyuwei
  15. Jazic
     Are you sure they don't fit? They might be a little tight to begin with but by stretching the material it'll fit. I have a set of the Brainwavz angled pads on my TH900's and they fit and sound great. 
    If that fails I think I remember seeing an ad from Moon-Audio that has the stock Fostex Pads in stock. 

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