Fostex T-X0 Massdrop edition
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Received my pair today. I love the pads and frame. Very easy to wear. That is the good news... Plugged them into my DAP and on the second song the left side driver cut out, not to come back. I hope my experience is not a trend in the Massdrop campaign! They sounded good while they lasted .. about 5 minutes! I submitted a trouble ticket to Massdrop.
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I received my pair yesterday. Unfortunately all of my listening gear was at work (I'm an Engineer and try to unplug when I leave work). I can say that given all of the headphones that I own, these are some of the most fun to listen to. Some of that is the newness of them, but part of it is enjoying the overall warmer tonality compared with my other sets. I find I am wondering how "this song would sound" or "that" one.

dblml320 hopefully Massdrop takes good care of you, I've not had any issues with mine so hopefully yours is an isolated incident. For reference, I received Serial Number 1111.
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Can anyone comment on how the clamp force is on these?

If you note the headphones that I have in my signature, the clamping force is a touch more than my DT880's, but quite a bit less than even my band modified MSR7's. To be honest, they are very comfortable.
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Can anyone comment on how the clamp force is on these?

I find these a bit on the lighter side. Where with the PM-3 you can walk around town with them on, these would fall right off at the first quick stop. Very comfortable, just enough to seal.

FYI, the ambient leakage of these is quite high for a closed back can. I think it is due to the plastic and lack of damping material behind the driver. My SO is certain I'm destroying my ears even at low SPLs.
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FYI, the ambient leakage of these is quite high for a closed back can. I think it is due to the plastic and lack of damping material behind the driver. My SO is certain I'm destroying my ears even at low SPLs.

TheT50rp’s are semi-open. The grates under the gimbal on the ear cup are open, with just a piece of foam inside the cup covering the hole. Not sure what the massdrop mods are, but I’m guessing these are still semi open. Just got mine today, so far I’m super happy with the purchase!!!
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Got them today and they are warm that's for sure. I don't find the bass all that bad as I'm not a basshead a little more wouldn't hurt but I think it's fine just could be a little tighter but this is a $149 headphone. I find the tonality to be close to the HD-6xx but with a little bit less detail and a touch better soundstage and maybe a touch warmer.The comfort is very good with very little clamp unlike the 6xx's and fairly light on the head. Not going to get a good effect running from a phone or wimpy dap as they do need some power to start to get into gear. Haven't tried them on everything I have yet but so far the Mojo does do them justice my dap battery died on me after a song and a half so I'll have to wait on that but so far the more power the better. All in all not too bad for the money just wished they were a bit brighter as almost all my gear is on the warmer side.
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T-X0 01.jpg

Beastly long cable. Not suited for mobile use. But very comfortable and quality-feeling. Sound impressions to come. But so far, I like it. :D
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Been liking mine a lot since I got them. Definitely require an amp. You won't hear much of anything without an amp. Proper amping brings up the volume and clarity.

Comfort wise these things PERFECT from the get go for me. Very few headphones feel just right the moment I first put them on. Usually most require some stretching, some new pads, or adjustments to the headband. These were perfect out of the box for me.

Build quality on these is exceptional. Should last a lifetime.

The sound signature for me sounds ever so lightly warm. Just a touch of elevation from low bass to the mids. Bass it present but not punchy. It sounds uniform in the elevation for that warm tone. Nothing severe on that elevation at least as it seems to be just a couple DB up. It is flat through that elevation though for me. Slight upper vocal spike, and sight treble rolloff. Smooth at least for that transition. Sounds close to what to what the Mk3's sound like I guess with more contained bass punch. Overall great sounding and comfortable cans.
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Looks like you got a HE500, please do inform me how it compares, for I too own a HE500. Thank You

I've not had a good, long listening session to my T-X0s yet. I do agree with first impressions that they are on the warm side and have great build quality and comfort.

I'm not expecting them to outdo my HE-500s. We're talking about entry-level vs. former penultimate. I bought the T-X0s on a whim, but I can def. see them replacing my HP50s.
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Did some mods based on the Mayflower modding kit. Sound, in particular midrange coherence, is improved, but I hope to play around a bit more after seeing what other people find. I did everything except the dampening foam (it's already there in the T-X0s) and the cotton (I may play with this a bit later, but it's pretty messy). Also, there is some sticky tape forming a seal between the driver cup and the back cup. I removed this and replaced the functionality by smooshing duraplast on the driverside outermost "gutter".... I may revisit this. Right now I'd say the sound is good at low volumes, missing a fair amount of bass. Will reassess when I have a proper amp, etc etc etc
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I agree with much of what has been mentioned regarding first impressions. I purchased these to have a set of cans that would be good for the type of music I listen to most often: electronica (specifically, vocal and melodic drum&bass, dubstep, and dance) and alt rock/grunge/90s.

As points of comparison, I own Sennheiser HD 650s and Noble 3 universal IEMs with the Creative Sound Blaster E5 and LG V10 for source/amplification. I must say, these will definitely be staying in my collection. They are much more fun to listen to with my favorite music. They provide that rumble and thump that is missing with my other options without requiring lots of help from an EQ.

Now, if I feel like listening to live rock or accoustic, bluegrass, country, or international/Celtic, I will reach for my Sennheisers. I'm also going to continue jamming to my Noble 3s when I'm going mobile.** These just don't have the clarity that makes the Sennheisers, and especially the Nobles, a joy to listen to. That clarity does come with a pricetag, though, and it is also generally assumed that the people paying for clarity want a fairly flat frequency response. I am glad that these have that fun warmth while still having enough clarity and soundstage to be considered audiophile-friendly.

At the time these dropped I was getting ready to save up some money for the V-moda Crossfade M-100s, and now I am glad I chose to gamble on these. The V-modas would have been a better choice if I was going to be leaving the house with them, but as a stay-at-home choice I think these have a bit more "fun" built in.

I'll be interested to find out how these sound after some burn-in time. Hopefully they will end up getting a little bit better with some time on them.

** To be fair to the LG V10, though, they sound amazing with this phone (The V10 has a pretty impressive Hi-Fi DAC and headphone amplifier built in, so I wouldn't recommend going without an amp with other phones and DAPs alone unless they also have good built-in amps). My reason for not taking these cans on the go with me is just that they are built like other at-home listening, over-ear headphones... they are just huge. Their grip on the "Ol' Noggin" is also pretty anemic. I would be almost guaranteed to have them slip off my smooth, balding headphone-mount at least once a day with the way I inadvisably break into dance from time to time during particularly fun parts of the tracks to which I am listening. On top of all that, they come with a cable that just isn't built for mobile use (1/4" phone plug and 6.6ft long).
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Coming from SE215's and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm's, these have a LOT more clarity and I'm finally actually hearing a distinct "soundstage." Amping with Fiio A5, by the way, but Schiit stack is in the future.

Not anywhere near as much bass as the DT770, though very enjoyable (recovering basshead over here) and eye opening in regards to what can be heard in a headphone. Before now I couldn't actually hear a difference between 160kbps and 320kbps, but these things have me rethinking my entire digital library. And the random album at 128kbps becomes terrible to listen to.

So, to wrap it up, I'm really really enjoying these headphones, but this might be grounds to rebuild my music collection. Also the question of Magni 3 vs. Vali 2? First-world problems over here.
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