For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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Another "DIY"... lol

Modi+ -> Loki Mini+ -> Vali2++ -> 64Ohm Beryllium Rosewood


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Roon/Qobuz=>Bifrost 2/64 => Espressivio => Focal Clear OG
Great way to enjoy my coffee and a mellow Sunday A.M.......

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T50RP 50th Anni with a bit of an eclectic mix today:

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On the k240 DF.​

On the DT 880 600 ohm.

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Pics Cut_202211122136944.png


This is such a 😊 up beat enlightening album from MEN AT WORK. 1983 CARGO
The RS-1 buttons are doing it justice ⚖️
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I always come back to my Clear OG. :)

Gold Note DS-10 Plus / Gold Note PSU-10 Evo - Clear OG with ZMF perforated lambskin pads

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rs2e<little dot mk4<mojo2<fiio m11

It is probably sacreligous to say so, but I much prefer Keith Jarrett's group music to his much-acclaimed solo improvs. I "get" the Koln Concert, just left unmoved by it. Much prefer this. Added bonus, Keith gets to play sax too !

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JRiver Media Center > SMSL SU9 > Schiit Asgard 3 > Grado SR325x :heart_eyes:


Boston (1976) by Boston - I have fond memories of catching the Boston hype train in 1976 along with millions of others, I had never heard a guitar sound so good and Brad Delp's voice was just off the charts. I don't think I could ever grow tired of listening to this album, any album starting with More than A Feeling is almost guaranteed to be good and then there's the amazing Foreplay / Long Time, which is almost as brilliant. I picked out the SR325x and had a think about what would sound really good through them and Boston is what I picked, they sound nigh on perfect together. :darthsmile:

same phones (AD2000 recabled to balanced) different album

2023-10-08 15_44_46.png

Currently listening via my Meze Elites via the best format for this album....

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Neumann NDH-30 << Fog City Audio HPC << Violectric HPA V200:
[Edition of Contemporary Music: recorded July, 1977; released February, 1978.] This is the second ECM LP by the Canadian trumpet / flugelhorn player (the debut was Gnu High). Masterful performances by all; compositions are astounding. The usual Manfred Eicher superb production.

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