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foobar2000 + milkdrop/avs together at last

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by manaox2, Jun 5, 2011.
  1. Roller

    I'm definitely not understanding. How can your screen only support 30fps??? And maxing out settings means no canvas stretch, maximum mesh size, and cranking up AA and AF on the GPU control panel, but that's overkill, and there are talks about AA doing bad things for user messages.
  2. LingLing1337
    Ow wow durr my screen is 60hz... that means I should be using 60fps....
  3. Roller
    Ahhh [​IMG] I was really fearing that I some different kind of monitors were around that I wasn't aware of. Well, you can set basically any fps settings, from 1fps to unlimited, but I recommend you setting it between 30 and 60, as effects were made with that range in mind.
  4. music_man
    i think if you max the fps and everything plus max the gpu with tesselation and such an i3 is not going to do it. since my i7-2600k can't.
  5. manaox2
    GPU does make a difference with this. My old Radeon 9000 mobility can't even do the newer visualizations that have the PSVERSION=3 tag. It doesn't show a lot of the effects. Core i7-920 and Radeon 5850 can run pretty well on most things you throw at it. No where close to that cray though.
  6. wind016
    I don't know if you guys mentioned it, but how do you set up shortcut keys? Is there a way that I can have it start up the moment I load foobar?
    I still can't get dual screen working even with fake windows =,( 
  7. Roller
    Keep in mind that Milkdrop uses Winamp's keyboard shortcuts, and does perform quite well with those IMO.
    About starting it up, you could always have a tab exclusive to Milkdrop open, so it would be visible once you start foobar2000, and would run automatically once playback began.
    Unfortunately I'm not sure what more could be done about dual screens, as it worked natively on Winamp without tinkering. On foobar there were a few things to be done, but mostly, I think shpeck isn't fully reading all features just yet.
  8. TheEricPettis
    Hey I was wondering what version of Foobar that you all were getting this to run on because when I follow the instructions posted in the first post, I get a directx run time error. Says something about me needing to install directx 9 and that seems a little hard to do on Windows 8. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. 
  9. Honkytime
    yea i got the directx error too when i install  in windows 7 took me awhile to find a solution in the end i installed this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429 and it seems to make the visualizations be able to run
  10. nicholars
    This is no good because when you change the graphics settings it will not save and goes back to default.... Can you tell me how you make them save? eg. resolution, FPS, quality etc.
    NVM fixed.... Don't like milkdrop much anyway tbh even on highest settings it looks a bit "90's" and low budget... Oh well..
  11. Honkytime
    try this preset pack some really cool presets in here http://www.bitcore.org/stuff/BLTC2.1.zip 
  12. nicholars
    Thanks, some of those are quite good actually... Is there a newer version of milkdrop (or a different one) which is more modern with better graphics? Milkdrop is pretty cool but it looks a bit retro like it was made in about 2001 or something for older computer hardware...
  13. nicholars
    Also what are the best settings for milkdrop so that it syncronises with the music beats?
  14. Honkytime
    I have not found anything better than milkdrop that's free at least, and I haven't tried any pay ones as most look inferior to milkdrop anyways.

    Don't think there are any it just kinda does what it does. i did find that if i changed the video setting it improved the quality but i run an intel i5 with a nividia gtx 660ti SSC 3 gb so i dont have many graphic card issues. my setting are like this...
  15. nicholars
    Thanks those presets you uploaded are actually cool, I put it on the highest settings on my expensive TV and listen to drum and bass it is trippy [​IMG]

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