Foobar2000 is the best for audio. But what's the best for video?
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Originally Posted by CDBacklash /img/forum/go_quote.gif
what formats cant MPC with CCCP play? Name me one and I'll tell you whether it can, and how to get it working or i'll tell them to get it working...

Haven't tried Combined Community Codec Pack yet, thanks for hint, i'll try it too
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Actually I will probably be switching to gom as I do believe that it is the only player that works with gom live broadcasts and supports the HQ premium videos from gomtv.
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Originally Posted by pzm9pzm9 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Isn't KMP much heavier than GOM? That was my impression when I tried KMP.
I thought KMP was famous for DVD playback. Anyway, I like GOM player for its ability of fastforwarding or rewinding with arrow keypads. This helps me to skip alot of unnessassary scenes faster. So when watch something, like NBA, you can skip the first 10 sec, where players usually BS around before shoot.

I believe KMP is actually lighter than GOM. Also, they play high definition (1080P, 720P) videos much better (CPU and memory wise). I wouldn't comment about the quality. A lot of people switched to KMP because people found out that GOM player collects information about your PC when you play videos (don't know if it is true or they still do).
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Another vote for Media Player Classic. The CCCP code distribution seems to work fine.

One tweak I'm still working on is for very large, high bitrate files. Windows M$edia Player
seems to run these better without stuttering than Media Player Classic. I don't know why, but thats the only time I'd run anything but MPC.
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Any ((really practical)) comment on this CCCP pre installation warning??
PS! Kaspersky is very (!) reliable antivirus-security suite maker (russian origin, as CCCP seems too)

Picture attached
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Install tries to write to windows registry some new ActiveX components (ActiveX components are sometimes required in some modern mediaplayers, but can be used 'badly' too).
For this time i blocked new ActiveX components, but installed other program components...
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Strangely enough, when executing CCCP installed Media Player Classic Homecinema, then it has similar warning i.e. has 'no digital signature'. (Zoom player seems to be OK). That means CCCP version of installed MCP is not 'original', but someway modified one!
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There are 2 more different versions of MPC:
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (by Casimir666) 1.2.908
and classic
newest Media Player Classic [2008.12.10] for Win2000/NT/XP/Vista
(and 'stable' version Media Player Classic for Win2k/XP)
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Originally Posted by Zorander /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have never had any problems installing CCCP pack (though I prefer to separately install MPC-HC).

Sure, you can install it (with silently installed ActiveX components), but what those components are doing (for example, similar ActiveX components are used by MS$ to silently control is your Windows legal).
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Since you refer to Foobar2000 I understand this is all about MS Windows applications.
So +1 for KMPlayer...

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