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    Focal Clear Professional Headphones: $1699 - Free 2nd Day Shipping, Arrival February 2018

    NEW Focal Clear professional headphones are the newest can for the most demanding mixing and listening professionals. Focal's objective is to be the ultimate headphone for high-quality playback.

    These open back circum-aural headphones incorporate a remarkable evolution of the speaker and an extremely open design aiming to make the headphones disappear, for the benefit of the sound.

    What's in the box?
    • Rigid carrying case with thermoformed shell in the shape of the headphones.
    • Two OFC copper 24AWG cables with a very low resistance.
    • A 5m spiral for home use
    • A 1.2m cable fitted with a 3.5mm stereo jack connector
    • 3.5mm and 6.35mm jack adapter
    Focal Clear Professional headphones are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing them and the listening experience, feels like studio monitors. Its M-profile Aluminium/Magnesium dome has a new copper coil which provides total dynamic respect over the entire audio spectrum, with an extremely well defined and always controlled bass. At the same time, the very low-mass speaker moving parts mean that these headphones reproduce the finest details in the higher frequencies.

    Turning to the headband and yokes, their design ensures that the headphones are in full contact with the head, for optimal comfort. The new generation of perforated microfiber ear cushions provides an extremely open design.


    Clear Professional uses a new generation of Focal 40 mm full-range speaker. A 25mm diameter, 5.5mm long unsupported copper coil has been developed. The material chosen, copper, has the effect of achieving an extremely high magnetic field in the coil. With this, the moving parts are always under control, even at maximum capacity, providing bass definition worthy of the best subwoofers. Its 55 Ohm impedance makes Clear Professional easy to drive, even in a mobile configuration, directly connected to the headphones output of a laptop. It contributes to an exceptional impulse response with a break-up raised to 24 kHz. Thus, high frequencies are extremely linear and transients totally respected. Clear Professional is capable of precisely revealing the finest details of the recording, proving extremely precise control.

    The French manufacturer's 35 years of experience have resulted in a new generation of domes, launched on Elear and Utopia headphones: the M-profile dome. Formed from an Aluminum/Magnesium alloy, it offers an ideal ratio, combining low mass, high rigidity and excellent damping. The depth of the sound and the dynamics won't disappoint you.

    The design of Clear Professional solves the sensation of space reduction, thanks to their new microfiber ear cushions. Their one-millimeter diameter micro-perforations on the outside edge give a level of openness that is unbeatable at this price range. The listening experience in the room, rather than headphones, is intensified. The second benefit to this design is its extreme tolerance to ear cushion positioning, regardless of head profile and size. This degree of openness also provides the benefit of excellent definition of upper bass and low midrange registers, typically where headphones usually struggle in comparison with monitors.


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  2. MrPanda
    What's the difference between these and the regular Focal Clears?
  3. stevenswall
    This looks like a different color, but other than that:

    -Anything else different?
    -It the copper coil new since the Clear? Since the Elear?
    -Is the frequency response different?
    -What audible changes will a user notice compared to the Clear?
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  4. tekkster
    Plus 1 @stevenswall

    I've been looking to find differences between the Clear and Clear Professional.
    I had hoped market influencers like @Currawong or @paul2qute or Jude would have early versions reviewed already (^_^). Here's hoping some information comes out soon.
  5. paul2qute
    The Pro sounds exactly the same as the clear,both got the copper coil,only difference is accessories and colour
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  6. Currawong Contributor
    WTF? No, actually, don't answer that. Just don't ever use stupid terms like that to describe me, ever. Thanks. :)
  7. tekkster
    LOL. My bad.
  8. paul2qute
    I couldn't review a book never mind hi-fi,I'll leave that to the experts which I'm clearly not

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