Focal Bathys - Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphone
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Thanks.. Any comparison between Bathys and Solitaire T by any chance?
With the Solitaire T not released yet, I have seen very little in the way of listening impressions. This includes it having been available for demo at CanJam SoCal and it seems that most attendees were far more interested in getting to hear the P, especially on T+A amplification (hard to blame them given it's established status) at their booth.

Bloom Audio's Bathys review did have some brief comparisons to the T though. Jump to about 6:40:

Bloom Audio Bathys Review

No mention of passive wired mode on the T specifically, which to me is a differentiator. Only the T and the 5909 offer fully passive wired mode listening.
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Ordered my pair (locally in NL) :)
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Any word on ear cup size? They look big, but anyone have actual size measurements?
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This looks promising. New headband design means maybe the cups will extend far enough for longer heads to reach the ears properly. I can remember being at the Focal booth for CanJam NY, and making it known after I tried on every headphone there how adding just 1/2 inch of travel to each side would solve this issue. Hopefully they'd listened to it.
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I hope the pads are interchangeable. I still have a pair of Dekoni LTD for Stellia here that I could use :)
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aptX LL & aptX HD = aptX Adaptive (Dynamic low latency mode, Adaptive bit rate, HD quality audio)
What people tend to forget:

aptX Adaptive is NOT equivalent to aptX LL latency-wise, one still gets a way higher latency with Adaptive, and yeah, I DO believe that some don't mind/feel the difference, I, for my part, do, and the ever-so-slightly-higher lag when watching TV kills me.

So sad that all the otherwise interesting new releases only do with this lesser codec in that regard. In above-stated use case, I'd gladly trade bitrate for latency any time.
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See about 3:50 into here for some measurements:

Audio Advice Bathys Review
Thanks. I hate that he measured it in inches, way too imprecise, lol. But it gives a good enough estimate, so the opening should be roughly 66mm tall. That's huge for a portable! I might have to try these out.
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I read about the button allowing one to alternate between ANC and Transparency modes. But is there also a possibility to select neither ANC nor transparency? So unprocessed audio really?
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The review posted previously saying they have the best ANC and beat the Mark Levinson for resolution is huge. I've been waiting for a higher resolution pair of wireless for a really long time. These may be it. The EQ seems to have more than enough bands (too many stop at just three) but of course more, are welcomed. Whether or not their pads actually are leather or just pleather isn't a big deal to me. From what I see in the reviews, the material seems comfortable, as does the padding. These will be game changers.
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I'm gonna wait for these to show up at dealers with a good return policy, then I'll order one.

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