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First-time Custom Eartips Purchase

  1. smokecrack
    I'm tired of dealing with the pain and discomfort of silicon tips and spending money on disposable foam tips.

    I currently have a pair of Aurisonic Rockets and was considering getting custom eartip moulds made for them.

    Does anyone have any recommendations about going with these IEMs, moving to the Etymotic ER4XR/SRs, or something else? Or any suggestions for someone looking to get custom tips in general?

    I love the smooth sound of the rockets, but still remember how crisp and revealing the ER4s were the first time I heard them 10+ years ago and think this might be the right time to upgrade to them.

    I'll be primarily using these at home, commuting, and on long, 18 hour flights. All sorts of music but mainly electronic, hip-hop, classical, and rock.

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