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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by SilverEars, Jun 9, 2019.
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  1. protoss
    2020 game of the year is looking great again with the new gameplay
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  2. protoss
    The original gameplay is outdated. Just like Resident Evil 2 Remake I could never go back to the original after playing RE2R. I guarantee FF7R will do the same for most people.

    I just beaten the original FF7 on the ps4 with the 3x fast speed button. Damn that 3x button is soo important. Without that the game is sadly sluggish. Ugh...

    Plus just like RE2R, FF7R looks like its flushing out the story better. Especially when the president came out and said, you guys working with the Wutai Army, thats huge...
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  3. SilverEars
    Yeah, and I could understand what the meaning of 'classic' really means. It means a creation that revolutionized how something was being done, that hasn't been done like it before. This is why titles like the original FF7 and RE are highly regarded generations later, but people not from that era would not understand why such an inferior looking title is highly regarded. Looking at these titles now, they are obviously out dated in production, but they are memorable due to how they changed how things were done.
  4. protoss
    Totally agree! Final Fantasy 7 should be in the Smithsonian institution. Its the game that made Playstation, its the game that help video games to the next level, its the game that push every boundaries. No doubt about this.

    Its seems like our brains are evolving into a fast tech world. Thanks to wikipedia, Google, cellphones , GPS, etch... We are born from birth now to multitask and think quickly and act quickly and fast. What I am getting at is, that the Remake FF7 is exactly this, fast, exciting, react fast. I got this from the brilliant RE2 remake. It is perfect for our time now. And I see FF7R will be perfect for our time too.
  5. SilverEars
    There are good stuff that comes out, but a lot of the what aspect of gaming has shifted. Back in the days, it wasn't a connected by internet society like today, and we only had stand alone home console systems which were dedicated to video games. Japan had greater control of the console market, and the better content were coming out of Japan.

    These days with capabilities of high speed network connection, online gaming has taken a large share of game developments due to high profitability. So, this creates some limitations on what type of content are developed, as less focus is on non-connected gaming.

    Also, developments are using big budget requiring large manpower, but this also puts so much resources to such titles. I do like how game development was like back in the days, as it was developed by small independent groups, and created better possibilities for original content. There are independent developers these days as well, and I wish that more independent content that are put on the spotlight, so that we get varieties of original ideas made into games. In other words, we'd get much rich varieties of content if the developments were not clumped up into big enterprises, but small groups of independent developers. Too many big budget repetitive content that aren't original.

    Same thing going on in the film industry. I admire film makers like Bong Joon ho, who says he will not make movies for Hollywood unless they let him have have creative control over what he want to direct, or use his own stories. This is how creative industry should be, not a corporate culture. I don't like how things are becoming more IBM.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  6. protoss
    Yea I feel you. But this dirty practices has been here from the start thou. From the 1980s. Is it much worst now? Hard to say? But I have to say no. Why? Because a game like Death Stranding is releasing. One of the weirdest original gameplay game coming out.

    Stuff in the past was pretty rough, such as,
    What happen to Nintendo vs Sega was bloody and unfair war.
    Neogeo collapse and Atari Jaguar was also unfair pratices.
    What happen to Xenogears was totally unfair also. Strick deadline. Sqaure gave Xenogear staff all interns and took funding away from them. Brutal.
    Some games bankrupted their own companies.

    Online gaming was inevitable thou. Im a big Starcraft fan, hence my name. This game basically revolutionize profitability in the online gaming world first. I can eventually see videogames championship matches on live televisions like the Superbowl soon because of profitability.

    This can not be stop sadly. I see game of the year 2020 FF7R. But once GTA6 is release on Ps5 its back to repetition. Another call of duites will always take over.

    In defense to gaming from Ps1 to Ps4. There was never a Playstation console that was stale thou? Currently PS4 is one of the greatest console ever release with amazing games. Even Nintendo games are interesting and original. Example, Mario Maker. This is an amazing concept and game.
    I think videogames are heading in a right direction. Sadly the call of duties get the biggest attention but games from Square Enix and Capcom are still releasing what we veteran's still like about gaming.

    The release of Nier 1 on the ps3 and Nier 2 on the ps4 and Nier 3 planned for the Ps5 soon is what keeping games still fresh.
    Nier 1 and 2 are one of the best original rpg story telling games out their with their unique orginal OST. I never heard an OST like Nier before. So I still see good days coming for gaming :) no need to worry.

    Well the labour laws and overworking people to death in the cubicle and sexual harrassment is the thing that we should really be talking about. But thats another conversation.
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