FiiO X3MKIII,Dual TI PCM5242,Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1,Dual headphone outputs, Balanced Out, 192kHz/32bit

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. FiiO
    Portable High Resolution Music Player --Make Balanced Output Standardized


    Dual high performance DACs PCM5242 from Ti for better channel separation
    Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1, low delay and high quality
    Dual headphone outputs, support both 3.5mm standard and 2.5mm TRRS balanced
    Patented touch wheel, more reliable and durable
    Supports lossless music formats, such as WAV, APE, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, DSF, DFF
    Supports up to 192kHz/32bit
    Hi-Res Audio Certified
    Retail Price in USA: $199.99
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  2. FiiO
    The all-new X3 Mark III (X3MKIII) - Make Balanced Output Standardized
    X3 (The groundbreaking work of FiiO DAPs) and X3II (The New Classic)

    2017广州发布会EN.079.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.080.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.081.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.082.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.083.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.084.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.085.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.086.jpeg
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  3. FiiO
    The Design -- The classical layout + Patented touch wheel + Aluminum body and tempered glass with injection molding technology + Thinner and Lighter + "FiiO Red" around the power button + Brilliant-cut Logo + Available in Red and Black
    2017广州发布会EN.087.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.088.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.089.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.090.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.091.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.092.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.093.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.094.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.095.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.096.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.097.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.098.jpeg
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  4. FiiO
    The Hardware Configuration -- Dual DAC Chips PCM5242 + Discrete DAC+LPF+Amp + Balanced Output for Wider Soundstage + The most cost-effective music player with dual-DAC and balanced output + Added multifunction button + Supports Micro SD Card Expansion +Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.1 + Deep Sleep Mode + In-line control + Asynchronous USB DAC

    2017广州发布会EN.099.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.100.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.101.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.102.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.103.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.104.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.105.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.106.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.107.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.108.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.109.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.110.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.111.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.112.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.113.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.114.jpeg
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  5. FiiO
    The Ecosystem and Accessories -- Dock to K5 to form a form a desktop DAC & AMP system with complete functions + PU clear case included + Leatherette protection case included

    Retail Price in USA: $199.99
    2017广州发布会EN.115.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.116.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.117.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.118.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.119.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.120.jpeg
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  6. shin0326
    When will be the release of this?? I just can't wait
  7. tarhana
    damn what a nice device. waiting for the amp power and output impedance.
  8. Dcell7
    No aptx just like X1II ?
  9. hqssui
    Beautiful DAP. Looking forward for the reviews.
    @BruceBanner - Hope you have seen this. It has a programmable button on the side , which can act as a equaliser switch.
  10. FiiO
    X3 3rd gen will be released into market at August if everything goes smoothly.
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  11. BartSimpson1976
    Puh, still not giving up on Micro USB and 2.5mm for balanced.
  12. AndrewPL
    what's the battery life of this player? can't find that info
  13. sandman1990
    @FiiO While it does have SPDIF, will it also feature digital audio out via USB OTG to an external DAC?
  14. fourrobert13
    It uses two of the same DAC chip as the X1II. Hopefully they've done something to cut down the noise with sensitive IEMs because the X1II has a lot of background noise with my EX1 (no an issue with my other DAPs). Obviously, it running a similar operating system as the X1II (Linux based) which is probably why there is no Apxt listed with the Bluetooth. I'm doubting there is any digital out through the USB as they are probably keeping that with the new X5 and X7. However, it looks good and the addition of the balance out is a plus. Releases next month so only time will tell if it's a typical "buggy" fw like previous releases, but they do their best to fix things as quick as possible. I would hope that by now FiiO would put a little effort into beta testing it themselves before throwing it out to the public. Not that I need another DAP, but I'll wait and see how things are when consumers start giving feedback before I jump on one.
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