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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. Saoshyant
    I can answer #2: It can drive an HD700 to certainly louder than I'd want to listen to. Listening volume is under 50% for me.

    As for 1 & 3, it's been a little too long since I've used my V10, but from early impressions I don't feel it matches that SQ. I haven't heard the V20 so I cannot speak of the direct comparison. It should have no issue being connected to an active speaker using the LO.
  2. theaudiologist
    so you're saying the V10 has better sound than the Q1 mkii? and by speakers i mean the real speakers with the red and black naked cables at the end of them. can you use an adapter?
  3. Saoshyant
    In order to use passive speakers, you'd need to put another device in your chain like a home theater system, stereo receiver, or any number of things that has speaker jacks.

    And keeping in mind how faulty memory is, the V10 was somewhat close to my Opus #1 to my ears, where the Q1 mkii doesn't feel as close so far. It still has a rather enjoyable sound, but as I paid 75 shipped for mine, I don't expect miracles.
  4. theaudiologist
    thanks for letting me know. i was thinking of buying this until you told me it's not as good as the V series. I just wanted a DAC with DSD capabilities. be sure to share your experience with the Q1-MKII with us when you receive it. i
  5. Saoshyant
    You have to keep in mind the V series spoils their owners, as it essentially negates the need for daps or dac/amps unless you're really spoiled with some great gear. And we're also talking about as 100USD DSD capable balanced dac/amp, which makes it a very interesting device if you have the money to throw around. Initial impressions for me are quite favorable so far, and it should end up being a rather solid entry-level device for people to try out both balanced and DSD if they desire. Plus I like that it's a rather small device.
  6. theaudiologist
    i know. even though the v20 doesn't do DSD (though i heard it can do DoP for DSD64 files) it sounds really amazing with it's quad-dac. I kept thinking since it can play DSD it's going to automatically be better than my V20 dac which only does PCM but I was wrong. What's the point of DSD if it doesn't sound better than PCM of the V? I might as well stop bothering with <$500 DACs and save up for a Mojo or Micro IDSD Black Label or at least the Q5. thanks for the help
  7. Saoshyant
    Both Mojo and iDSD are phenomenal, and if you're looking for portability the Mojo wins no questions. BL will give you more than enough power for pretty much anything you can own, and is extremely feature rich. You can occasionally find the BL for 380 from Adorama, and 400 is a little more common.
  8. theaudiologist
    thanks, i heard the dsd bl has better sound than the mojo. do you know any other good DAC at that price? i don't need portability that much
  9. Saoshyant
    I personally can't think of a better deal than the Adorama sales for iDSD BL, which typically happen every two or so months. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if you can find a good deal on Black Friday, or maybe the 11.11 sales on GearBest or Aliexpress.
  10. Angular Mo
    FiiO does not respond to my emails asking how to buy another lightning to micro UB cable, which as predicted I misplaced and am now unable to use my Q1 MK2.....

    I am now regretting this purchase however much I enjoyed the device.

    Maybe FiiO will read this and help me.
  11. Ynot1
    I think Fiio is a chinese company and 11.11 sale is just hours away. I can see how they could be busy. I think apple should stock this cable in their store. Although I would not know if Fiio's cable is uniquely identifiable and specific to the Q1 MK II.
  12. georgelai57
    As an alternative, sometimes I use an Apple CCK and any of the many OTG USB to microUSB I have lying around the house.
  13. maxxevv
    If you're based in the US, you can look for the DJI drone connector cables on Amazon. They are data cables, so should function correctly even though there's no MFi certification.

  14. 1audioz
    Anyone had audio stutter / jitter issues?

    When using the Apple 3.5m dongle, I don't have any issues - but with the Q1MK2, sometimes the music stops for 1-2 seconds, then resumes the track. Using iOS 11.1.

    Other than that, nice fit and finish. The Lightning-MicroUSB cable is quite malleable and flexible as well, wish there was a longer version so I don't have to stack my phone.
  15. FiiO
    We are not at work today so we may not reply your mail on time. You can buy a spare one from us if you like. But the certain cable is out of stock currently. So you may need wait more days. My colleague may reply you after coming back to work as well. Sorry if bringing inconvenience to you.
    Best regards
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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