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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Fapandeggs
    Can it play loseless red book 16bit 44.1 KHz PCM when connected via Wi Fi to PC? Or does it always use some kind of compression?
  2. ASpencer
    Only hiccups I've encountered that firmware needs to address was losing my time setting and the buttons won't allow for fast forwarding or reverse. Otherwise, stellar performance so far.
  3. davidcotton
    If the app isn't whitelisted you can't install it, straightforward as that. Seems to be a limited number of apps that would run on this anyway which is a shame. If you want full app choice you are better of going for a full on android device such as ibasso, hiby etc etc.
  4. flask
    I've been thinking of getting a DAP that could support Spotify for some time, and when I started searching for it, I stumbled upon the FiiO M9.

    I have already become a FiiO fan over the past year by using their E10K headphone amp and the F9 Pro IEMs. The F9 Pro also came with a balanced 2.5mm cable, and I wondered how it'll sound like, so I guess FiiO did a really good job of upselling from earphones to DAP...

    Anyway, after one week of use, some thoughts:

    - The sound quality when paired with the F9 Pro is excellent. Nice full-bodied sound from either the 2.5mm balanced or 3.5mm jack.
    - The M9 UI has a slow user interface. Spotify takes time to load up and then you need to be patient as if it was 1999. They really ought to have used a better processor.
    - Battery life is ok, but I find that it drains faster than it should, perhaps 1% per hour when not playing music? I'm also a little confused how the different sleep settings work in the Settings page (there are two different ways to set it).
    - Thanks to the M9, I finally stopped procrastinating and started converting my CDs to FLAC. They were originally encoded in VBR over a decade ago. I've been spoiled rotten by streaming music, so listening to my CDs again seems a new experience again.
    - The microSD slot placement is brilliant (as is the exposed cutout on the case protector for the microSD slot). You can pop out the microSD card quickly to load up songs without having to pry open any cover.
    - The screen is small, yes, but I wish it had a way to increase UI font sizes. The screen quality isn't great BTW.
    - Spotify suddenly forgot all my downloaded files. This was the Spotify APK provided on FiiO's support page and is a older version. I downloaded a newer APK and so far so good.
    - Thankfully one can deactivate the play and rev/fwd buttons when the screen is locked. Otherwise I was accidentally triggering playback all the time when the M9 was in my pocket or bag.

    I never thought I would buy a DAP so many years after smartphones took over our lives. I'm really enjoying the music with the M9, but not so much the user interface/experience.
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  5. allaces305
    This works amazingly perfect and it's easy to do!!! Thank you Soo much because I really had my worries about updates..
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  6. bowei006 Contributor
    What do you mean by when connected via Wifi to PC? DLNA or something?

    I asked about the SoC. They said it was because past DAPs had many complaints of battery life so they went a more mild approach to performance and energy usage this time.

    They are already nearing the maximum resolution supported by that SoC. And I can assure you that you dont want to approach that max screen res with all the stuff FiiO is running on the M9

    Yeah, download newest APKs online from a trusted source. No need to get them through FiiO

    The side buttons on this device are my biggest chagrin for sure
  7. ASpencer
    They remain active, as I learned from placing the player in my pocket.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  8. bowei006 Contributor
    Lol, you didn't write anything
  9. bowei006 Contributor
    Ah you fixed your post.

    And correct. The M9 with its hardware side buttons being active is literally the most annoying default feature of the device. It also requires the user to develop a special light claw grip on the device when holding it with the screen on so as not to accidentally push the button either.
    ASpencer likes this.
  10. ASpencer
    Firmware must address this fatal flaw lest there will be splenetic owners. I also mistakenly assumed the forward and reverse buttons functioned as fast forward and backwards, but they merely advance tracks to and fro.
  11. Detectit
    Yes you have to get used to the forward and back buttons...

    I wish the EQ part was better implemented on the streaming section with Deezer and Spotify

    When EQ is on in deezer. The first second it's loud... Like eq is off and after that. thesound dims to. Eq. Preset.
    But eq is rather useless with a 5 band eq with just like 8 steps?

    In the Fiio app. the EQ is extensive ..... But I keep caught myself streaming more and more. So Fiio music player won't open much....
  12. ASpencer
    Despite these caveats, I like this player very much. I’ve spent three times the cost of the M9 for high end DAPs rife with fundamental defects. This is a stylish, attractive piece of tech with nice sound, particularly paired with FiiO’s own brand of IEMs. The nice thing about FiiO is their receptivity to feedback and I feel assured their next firmware update shall address these hitches we’ve cited.
  13. flask
    Actually the resolution is ok. But font sizes should be allowed to increase regardless of screen resolution. like how we'd do it on e-readers and smartphones.
  14. battosai
    20181124_221738.jpg 20181124_221919.jpg Just received my player, I should be super happy but I am not. My screen is not working properly. Most of the times I can't see anything if it's gray like the picture from 10.17pm
    2 minutes later, I switch on the screen and everything is fine...
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  15. Detectit

    I guess It's not a hardware thing.... I guess when you will do a factory reset. It will be OK.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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