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Fiio E10K has stopped working on all Windows OS's

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Yukicore, Jun 12, 2018.
  1. Yukicore
    Recently my Fiio E10K has stopped functioning, it doesn't get the built-in drivers working, and there are no drivers to be downloaded. The ASIO drivers work, but they work very badly with Windows 10, cause crashes and many other issues.

    What can be done to fix this?


    All the searches that I've made have resulted in a dead end. I tried everything that I have in my power and imagination.

    Of course I tried contacting Fiio support, but they seem to have been shut down? I haven't gotten a response for 3 weeks. And my recent message got a throwback that said The recipient has insufficient mailbox space to receive your email.
  2. Yukicore
    Still no reply from Fiio... Has anyone gotten support? Or are they gone completely offline?
  3. Yukicore
    I'd like to follow up and close this thread. Fiio ended up replying after I messaged them from a different e-mail. They said that my e-mail (-s) got thrown into spam box.

    I sent the device to them, and it's presumably repaired and will be soon shipped back to me.

    The customer service from Fiio has always been superb, which is why it was probably the case that my e-mail was thrown into spam, by the auto-system.
  4. demond
    Sorry, I'm going to pay attention to it.
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  5. Yukicore
    I've received my E10K, Fiio fixed it.
    Big Thanks Fiio!!

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