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FiiO E10 Quick Question!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by skybleu, Dec 15, 2012.
  1. SkyBleu
    As the title says, this is just a really quick yes or no question about the FiiO E10.
    So here goes...
    With the FiiO E10, being a 'Headphone Amplifier', would it work as an amp without the DAC function when it is used without a PC, or does this item always require a PC/Mac to function?
    thanks in advance as any help is appreciated.
  2. Doc-holliday
    The FiiO E10 gains it's power via USB. It also has no other input other than the USB digital signal. So no it cannot be used without a computer.

    O2 -- JDS Labs about $145.
    Schiit Magni --- Brand new item $99
    Fiio E17 -- Can be used as a DAC via usb OR a stand alone portable amp.

    The Schiit is not intended for portable use. Only for desktop use.
  3. SkyBleu
    Ahh... i see, thanks for confirming! I just wanted to make sure, that was all. I also saw the Schiit Magni just a few days ago, I was going to purchase it, but the shipping to Australia was a whopping $41.. 

    You seem to know your stuff, do you have any more suggestions for an amp/DAC with the cost of being under $90 AU/US that can be purchased easily, such as through eBay?
    Also, if you know where i can get the Magni for a cheaper price incl. shipping, please notify me:) 
  4. Destroysall Contributor
    What is wrong with the E10?
  5. SkyBleu
    Nothing, I was just wondering if it would work without a USB connection:)
  6. Destroysall Contributor
    Consider a used FiiO E17 if you are on a strict budget.  It's a portable version of the E10 and does not require USB power.
  7. SkyBleu
    Ah...Well i currently have an E11 on order, so if you WERE offering, it's too late:frowning2: 

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