FiiO BTR1: Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier(aptX, discrete DAC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  3. rkw
    One more option that is not quite available yet (but seems to have started production) is Bluewave: One distinguishing feature is an analog volume control.
  4. zolom
    Looks good.
    The EarStudio got analog volume support as well, but the key attributes are the battery life (up to 14 hours), as well as the balanced output.
  5. 0x6170
    I discovered one annoyance with the BTR1. When you have it set up to be connected to two devices simultaneously, if you then lose connection to one of them, you get this repeated audio-double-beep notification from then on, until it re-connects to the lost device or you turn off/on the BTR1.

    Simple use case: I have set up BTR1 to be connected to my iPhone and iPad. When I preparing to leave home, I turn on the BTR1, it then connects to the iPhone and iPad. Clip the BTR1 to my shirt, put-on winter jacket, start playing on the iPhone and then leave home. As soon as it looses connection to the iPad, it starts double-beeping. Then I have to turn off/on the BTR1 to stop it double-beeping which is annoying when the BTR1 is not easily reachable.

    FiiO: is this behaviour (constant double-beeping) is by design? Is it possible to turn this off somehow?
  6. rkw
    The Bluewave's rotary volume knob is appealing to me. However, both of these are crowd funded projects. Having been burned before, I'm willing now to wait until a product is truly, genuinely available and lives up to claims, even if the price is higher.
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  7. FiiO
    We tested just now. When one of the collected device is disconected, only once double-beeping would appear. Or this issue happen when walking back and forth?
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  8. g33k
    I had purchased the BTR1 over the weekend. While I liked it for its performance, I eventually decided to return it due to some niggling issues. I have analysed and reviewed the BTR1 on my blog, independent of other reviews and hope in doing so, I have brought in a new perspective.

    It is only after posting my review that I looked in to other reviews and thus came across Head-Fi. Feel free to re-purpose the review for the benefit of others but kindly link back to my blog as the original source.
  9. infernix
    You can't state in your review that "Although my method might not be the most precise, I can confidently say that the latency is over 200ms." and not be aware of the fact that you need aptx-LL connectivity to get the latency down to the 40ms range. I feel it's a bit misleading to any readers, and i suggest you retest with aptx-ll capable equipment.
  10. slackerpo
    it seems honest, although i think the antenna is near the headphone socket.
  11. antdroid
    I just got the BTR1 today from amazon and have been listening to it using my Essential Phone and it's pretty solid. I compared it to a TROND branded Bluetooth adapter which also supports 4.2 and AptX. The BTR1 sounds much more fuller and warm than the Trond. The Trond is about $25 less but there is a noticeable difference in sound.

    I also compared to BTR1 to my Schiit Stack using a modded M1060 headphones and it's not anywhere near that quality and clarity, but it's quite serviceable for something on the go and bluetooth. I will say that the music is a tad bloated sounding but I think I can eq it with Poweramp.
  12. g33k
    You are right about that. I knew about the aptX-LL support but forgot to mention it completely. In fact, as I recollect, I tested it on the iPhone 7, so I was looking at standard Bluetooth 4.2 latency and not even the aptX one. The Android phone I used to test for aptX doesn't have low latency support, so even that wouldn't have given me the true picture. Since I returned the BTR1, I am afraid there is no way for me to test this further. However, I have updated my review to rectify this mistake. Thanks!

    I only speculated that the antenna was located in the bottom section because of the plastic construction. Has this been confirmed by Fiio?
  13. FiiO
    Are there any questions with the antenna? We may need contact the engineer about that.
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  14. Tstorey
    I’ve just picked up a BTR1 primarily to use on flights with my iPad and phone and can confirm the same continuous double beeping when one of the two devices is out of range. It’s only a minor annoyance and I simply disconnect the device I’m not using (IOS11 now allows that instead of “forget this device” that you had to do previously). Other than that, a nice little gadget.
  15. FiiO
    Really strange that we tested once again but the double beeping only appear once. Or something I missed? The music was playing in the one which was disconnected? Thanks in advanced!
    Best regards
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