FiiO BTR1: Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier(aptX, discrete DAC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. gorogituloh
    Already out of stock on Aliexpress. When it will be available again?
  2. FiiO
    November or so.

    Best regards
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  3. rkw
  4. inertianinja
  5. slackerpo
    nice call on the volume issue, my friend who got it couldnt make it connect with el capitan, he had to move up to sierra to make it work.

    i like the sound signature, paired with the q1 mk2 makes it the best of both worlds. great wireless setup right there.
  6. inertianinja
    Thanks for reading it!

    The volume thing was an interesting bit of education for me. I’ve reviewed a ton of Bluetooth devices and never noticed the two-step behavior, but that’s probably because most occur at the top of the volume range. Now I’m going to have to check it every time!

    But in general, I think Fiio kind of nailed it with this one.
  7. Xeset
    Thanks for the review. Initially I was excited to get this to pair with my HTC U11 (no 3.5mm jack) but thinking about it, it is not much different from my X1. Arguably I might get better sound from my X1.

    Is there something that I'm missing out? I don't really see a reason to switch except the ease of watching videos/playing games and making calls from my phone. I'm not trying to start a debate, just want to justify the switch.
  8. slackerpo
    if memory serves me well, btr1 has superior SQ than x1.
  9. Degru
    Can this be used as a USB DAC as well? Also, how good is it when connected to a line input, e.g. a Fiio A5?
  10. slackerpo
    as far as i know, you CANT use it as usb dac. as a dac for amps though, it works great with the q1 mk2, does the job with the e12 too. my bet is that is gonna go very well with the a5.
  11. FiiO
    Thanks for the nice review. We will also report to our engineer about the volume steps you mentioned and check whether we could improve this.
    It would be appreciated if you can share the review in
    Thanks in advanced!
    Best regards
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  12. inertianinja
  13. cleg
    I'll just leave it here

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  14. zolom
    Heared about BTR 3 in development, supporing APTX HD. Does anyone know about its other specs? and when is it due?

  15. rkw
    Where did you see this? Why would they skip BTR2?

    Astell&Kern XB10 has aptX HD, and balanced (and SE) outputs. About twice the price of BTR1.
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