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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Loquah
    Yeah, I went for 400s because my RE-272 stock tips fit the A83s perfectly so I used the HiFiMans as my reference on the Comply site.
  2. djvkool
    I have struggled with tips and fit for this, and finally last night I was able to fit it properly in my ear - digging through my tips collection and settled on the old TF10 large silicone, then BANG!! stayed snug in my ear and great seal too...
  3. Loquah
    That's great news! Any changes to sound?
  4. djvkool
    Yep - great seal = clean sound with an almost non-existent sibilance, only present in bad recordings, or low bitrate MP3's
    The DD is starting to warmed up well, the warm, deep, and excellent textured bass is superb, just the perfect amount to me, quantity wise is slightly bigger than DN2k
    I still don't like the rather awkward memory wire around the connector, hard to bend/shape/mould to my ear, had it not been for the superb cable, I would have bought an after market one
  5. Loquah
    That's interesting as I quite like the memory wire and find it very easy to quickly mould to the shape of my ear.
    I agree with the bass quantity - just right to be full and detailed, but not boomy or loose at all and well balanced with other frequencies. I'm looking forward to trying some Comply tips when they arrive because I think I'm still not getting the perfect seal due to my slightly funky ear canals (they're quite small and bend quite sharply near the opening)
  6. djvkool
    I tried on with both Comply T and TS last night, although good, it doesn't give me as good seal as TF10's large silicone
  7. Loquah
    I can't seem to find a silicone that works for me with the A83. I think it's because of the size and angle of the nozzle
  8. jopok901
    Hi there~
    Im an another user of a83 from South Korea~and this is my first posting on headfi.:)
    From my experience, Monster super tip is the best choice for A83. (Both gel type,and form type)
    And also, dont use comply form tip!!  because it is not a good match with a83 due to it makes sound little muddy and takes away all the details that a83 has.
  9. Loquah
    Hi jopok, I can't use the Monster Super Tips because my ear canals are too small :frowning2: Hopefully the Comply tips work better for me than they have for you.
    How do you like the sound of the A83s?
  10. mochill
    Waiting for more updates :blush:
  11. djvkool
    Yep, I can +1 this comment, exactly the reason why I don't like using Comply on A83
    I should have my full review finished by this weekend [​IMG]
  12. mochill
    Finally a feast:smirk::yum:
  13. jonyoo
    So that's why...I was trying to figure out why I wasn't getting the same good seal on the A83 as opposed to using the Complys on others.
    Hey another Korean! I have tried the monsters tip as well, both gel and foam and unfortunately do not work too well for me :frowning2:
  14. djvkool
    Try using the Ts Comply mate, I found that the TS seals the best and has the least 'muffling' effect when used.
    I tried foam with A83, but didn't really like the sound, so I have been using TF10's large silicone which gave me the best sound from A83
  15. Loquah
    The TS is the spherical one, yes? Are they shorter in insertion depth than the other tips?
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